[Article] 161013 [Birthday Talk To You] BTS Jimin "I would like to hold a concert on my birthday"

Immediately after their return with second full album "WINGS", the trend boy group BTS (Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) achieved an all kill. Jimin who is the lead vocalist and the lead dancer of the group celebrated his birthday on 13th. He was born in 1995 October 13th.

He appeals with his cute face and sweet eyesmile but he also displays unexpected charms with his muscular abs which appear when he removes his top. Jimin steals the hearts of ladies.

Although he can't celebrate his birthday in comfort since they're making their comeback on "M Countdown" today, Jimin expressed his gratitude and revealed, "Members and fans wished me happy birthday so today is a glorious and a joyful day.". <Focus News> sat down to listen to Jimin's birthday story.

-Q. [What do you think you'll be doing on your birthday?]
▲ "I think I'll be working since it's right after our comeback"

-Q. [How do you feel about your birthday?]
▲ "Today is definitely a very glorious and joyful day because I was wished by my members, fans and many people around me."

- Q. [What does birthday mean to you?]
▲ "Actually birthdays don't really mean a lot to me. However I'm grateful to be wished by many people."

-Q. [Your thoughts on growing older?]
▲ "I don't really think too much about growing older. But improving in many ways as I grow older matters to me more."

-Q. [What is the age you  look forward to the most?]
▲ "I think it's 26? I'm very curious to know how I would have grown up by then, what sort of music we (BTS) would be performing, what kind of performance we'd be doing, who would be the friends I'd be hanging out with, what we'd be doing and so on."

-Q. [What was your parent's precognitive dream about your birth?]
▲ "My mother and father had different dreams. In my father's dream he said he saw a dragon and my mother saw a shining chili on a very big tree in her dream."

-Q. [The most memorable birthday?]
▲ "Every birthday I celebrated ever since I moved to Seoul! When I celebrated my birthday for the first time in Seoul my members remembered my birthday. It's because until now my members, people around me, fans and so many people send me lots of love."

-Q. [If you had to pick the most special gift?]
▲ "I think it was last year. I was practicing at our practicing room and the members threw a surprise party for me. I was really surprised, thankful and touched."

-Q. [We think there would be a gift you would like to receive in the future]
▲ "Not this year but I hope we could hold a concert on my birthday."

-Q. [What would you like to do if you were given a day off on your birthday?]
▲ "I would travel of course. I really want to travel with my members. It's a trip I'd love to go as many times as possible."

-Q. [From which celebrity would you like to be wished?]
▲ "Homme. I will be honored if Homme hyungs write a song to wish my birthday."

-Q. [Your birthday in next 10 years?]
▲ "I guess I'll be still celebrating my birthday with my members?"

-Q. [Who would you like to thank on your birthday?]
▲ "My family. I'm happy to have my mother, father and younger brother supporting me from behind. I love you. Members. Thank you always and thank you for wishing me happy birthday when I'm a person who lacks. I love you very much. Our fans, ARMYs. I don't know if I deserve to be wished by you like this. I will love you all more than you've loved me. Our company staffs. Thank you always for working hard behind us. I'm very, very grateful."

-Q. [A word to yourself to celebrate your birthday]
▲ "Eat a lot and let's not be sick!"

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