[Article] 161013 BTS Jimin is presented with "forest" to celebrate his 22nd birthday

BTS Jimin's fanpage "SWEET PILL" will be building a forest to celebrate Jimin's birthday. 
Following "BTS Forest", "BTS Jimin Forest" will be built in Gangnam-gu Yangjaecheon.

To celebrate BTS member Jimin's 22nd birthday "First BTS Jimin Forest" will be constructed.

"BTS Jimin Forest" will be carried out by Jimin's fanpage "SWEET PILL" and the tree planting social enterprise Tree Planet through the company's "Star Forest Project".  Star Forest project is an environment-friendly project where fans participate to build a forest in their celebrity's name.

"BTS Jimin Forest" is gaining attention as it's the next forest to be built after "BTS Forest" which was recently constructed in Chungna metropolitan landfill. "BTS Jimin Forest" will be constructed in Yangjaecheon where 4.9 million people visit the area every year and it's famous for its restored natural river. The forest will also present the visitors with beautiful mugunghwas (rose of Sharon) which is the national flower of Korea.

"SWEET PILL" who was in charge of BTS Jimin Forest project revealed they were happy to be able to present a mugunghwa forest to Jimin for his 22nd birthday and just like the meaning of mugunghwa which is "eternity" they said they will eternally support Jimin's most beautiful moment in life.

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