[Article] 161013 October 13th BTS Jimin, "passionate youth" who makes constant effort

Today, 13th is BTS Jimin's birthday. Jimin (born October 13, 1995, real name: Park Jimin) receives great love from noona fans with his cute face and half moon eyesmile. His muscular body opposed to his cute face increases his charms.

That's not all. Jimin is known as the dancing machine of BTS. After J Hope, Jimin is the 2nd best dancer in the group and during last year's KBS2 "Gayo Daechukjae", he performed a solo dance like a butterfly and gained great attention.

BTS Jimin is also the passionate icon who makes endless effort. He is also loves his fans and constantly interacts and keeps them updated about his life on SNS.

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"Lie" is a song in their second full album "WINGS" which released on 10th and it's also Jimin's solo track. This song was previously released in a short film prior to the release of the album with Jimin as the main star.

Producer and keyboardist DOCSKIM of Seotaeji Band and singer-song writer Soomin also participated in producing this song. This song captures the agony of a boy who is struggling to escape  from the situation he had fallen into by lying and deceiving for the first time. 

Jimin also tried acting for the first time in the short film "lie". The video begins with Rap Monster's English narration and Jimin appears with a painting of mountain covered in fog as the background while sitting face to face with a mannequin's hand.

We see Jimin smiling in the video camera that records him. But we see him dancing in pain in the black and white imagination. Jimin disappears as he falls back after seeing the card held by the mannequin's hand and we see Jimin again sitting on a bed in a white room.

Jimin continues to dance intensely like a solo contemporary dancer in various locations like in a room or in front of a bath tub. "Teach me the way, please stop me, please allow me to breathe" , With profound phrases like "I'm trapped inside me and dead", Jimin seemed to show various emotions . He sits again in front of the table, takes a bite of an apple, looks at the painting before he disappears.

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