[Article] 161014 BTS "Our songs lined up on the chart for the first time. We're touched by the effort made by our fans" [Interview]

"Our songs lined up on the chart for the first time and this really moved us."

They are setting records every day. Boy group BTS's power is amazing. They're setting greatest records since their debut after releasing their second full album "WINGS" on 10th. They achieved an all kill with the title track "Blood Sweat & Tears" and they also displayed magnification performance by lining the music chart with the songs from their album. Of course, BTS made endless effort to hit such "daebak".

BTS is topping the music charts of Korea and international music charts every day with their new album. They accomplished securing the first place in 97 music charts (domestic and international). Their constant growth in the lst three years made it possible for the group to receive such explosive responses. Members are greatly touched by "setting a line" in the music chart for the first time.

With their comeback stage ahead of them, BTS met with OSEN and the members seemed to be nervous and excited for their comeback stage. The group made a pleasant start by meeting their fans during the pre-recording.

The music charts shook together with BTS's comeback. They also received great attention from other countries and made several new records but the members were especially happy about lining the music chart with their songs as this was their first time since debut. Lining the music chart with new songs is harder than winning No. 1 place in the chart but BTS was able to line up their songs in every chart.

Jimin said, "Compared to all our previous albums, this album achieved best result." and expressed his gratitude. V revealed, "It was our first time seeing our album songs lining up in the music chart. This was very touching. Even "FIRE" climbed up the chart and I'm very touched by the great effort made by our fans." Members emphasized their gratitude to their fans who showed them great responses.

BTS also won the 1st place on iTunes charts in 27 countries. Their "Blood Sweat & Tears" music video available on Youtube reached ten million views in 41 hours, making them the second fastest artist to reach 10 million views after PSY.

Rap Monster revealed his honest thoughts by saying, "We are a group that began in Korea. We believe that we will only do well in other countries when we are able to support ourselves in Korea. We were very worried because in reality boy groups aren't strong in major music charts. We were worried about what we had to do to make others listen to our songs. Lining up the chart with our songs was amazing too but being able to remain in the top 10 spots when almost 3 days have passed makes us happy. Our songs used to top the chart but they would be pushed away from top 10 places."

He also added his thoughts about iTunes and Youtube results, "iTunes Chart is the biggest market internationally so ranking 1st place in 27 countries feels like a dream and we're very happy. And we're also happy to be the second fastest artist after senior PSY in reaching 10 million views on Youtube."

To achieve all these records, BTS went through good times and bad times since their debut. BTS members also emphasized that they were not able to achieve these results in one day but it took them more than 3 years. 

Suga said, "We think we took a step at a time for the last 3 years to show what we can do. I believe that this moment is reasonable to our fans and the public."

BTS revealed during the comeback press conference that they would like to become a team that soars up just like their album title "WINGS". They have prepared well for their rise so we can't help but look forward to their soar with anticipation.

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