[Article] 161014 "Their view on Fashion" revealed by BTS themselves. Let's take a closer look!

BTS Fashion Examination
Exposing the fashion world of the "burning" trend idol!

We will be exposing the fashion world of BTS who is "on fire" than any other group right now!

There's an idol group that's hotter than any other group at the moment. It's B.T.S. After their successful promotion with "School trilogy" and "HYYH" series, they created many hit songs like "Boy in Luv", "Dope", "Fire" and many more.

And on the 10th, they're are back with a new full album "WINGS" after 2 years and the members are ready to steal the hearts of the ladies with their new mature image. It seemed like every one understood the effort they made with their blood, sweat and tears. As soon as their second full album title track "Blood Sweat & Tears" released online, the song ranked 1st place on major music charts and their songs from the album "lined up" on the charts, making the statement "Boy idols are weak on music charts" sound absurd. Furthmore BTS topped on main iTunes Chart in 59 countries including US, Brazil, Canada, Finland, New Zealand, Singapore and Norway. They were also the first Korean artist to line up their songs from 1 to 15 spots on US Apple Music in K-Pop genre Top Song Chart, proving their title "Global trend idol".

School Year 2016 Fashion quotient evaluating exam paper
FIRST CLASS BTS Fashion Section

Full Name:             Candidate No.:

1. Following are the outfit concepts worn by BTS until now. What is your favorite outfit?

1. School uniform "Boy in Luv" BTS filled with rebellion 
2. What is your dream? "DOPE" BTS in various uniforms
3. Shorts aren't a problem, "I NEED U" boyish BTS
4. Oppa! RUN! Rider Jacket "RUN" BTS
5. I'm 18, I know what I need to know "War of Hormone" mischievous BTS

Question [2~4] are O, X questions

2. Face completes the fashion ( )
3. I pretend like I don't care but I always care how the fans would look at my fashion wherever I go ( )
4. There is an outfit concept I have in mind that I'd like to wear next time ( )
5. Which member has the best fashion sense?
6. The item I have most in my closet is?
7. In my opinion, the sexiest body part in my body is?
8. What is the fashion item you'd like to give the most to the member who is on your right side?

The journalist met with this hot BTS last May during their "FIRE" promotion. There are many things that come to our mind when we think of BTS. Song, dance, their love for fans and SNS. Among these things we focused on "BTS's fashion".

BTS mastered the "3 grand uniform concepts of boy idols" which include "School uniform, uniform, suit" and displayed aspects as "concept boss". Their fans including the public said, "We should give an award to their stylist" when they saw BTS's outfits and concepts. So we prepared "Fashion Examination" to expose BTS's fashion world. Unfortunately Suga couldn't participate due to his schedule so we sat down with the 6 members who thoughtfully and carefully answered the Fashion Examination. Then, shall we take a closer look at the members' answers and explanation for Fashion Exam?

1. School uniform "Boy in Luv" BTS filled with rebellion 
2. What is your dream? "DOPE" BTS in various uniforms - JIN
3. Shorts aren't a problem, "I NEED U" boyish BTS - J HOPE
4. Oppa! RUN! Rider Jacket "RUN" BTS - V, JIMIN
5. I'm 18, I know what I need to know "War of Hormone" mischievous BTS - JUNGKOOK, RAP MON, JIMIN

The first question asked the members to choose their favorite BTS outfit concept. Many of them chose the mischievous concept of BTS during "War of Hormone" promotion. During their "War of Hormone" stages, BTS would appear on stage with lollipops to add more mischievous vibe. They grabbed our attention with their fashion items like knit, suspender pants and rider jackets. Shall we take a look at the members explaining their choices?

Q1. Why did you choose the concept?

Rap Mon: "We have a specific concept we like to talk about for each album. So there were many outfits focused to fit our album concepts and the thing I loved the most in "War of Hormone" was that the concept fit the personality of each member. And I really love pinstripe suits."

Jin: "Among different uniforms, I definitely liked the doctor's outfit the best. I got the doctor role and I really looked good in it. My hair was dyed black during the promotion so it created a unique vibe and I looked like a medical school oppa so I liked the concept."

J Hope: "I'm confident about my legs. I liked the concept because it really showed off my sleek legs."

Jimin: "I chose 2 and I personally liked the 2 ideas. They didn't really look too fancy  like stage outfits and I liked the outfits because they looked more like items we would wear everyday."

V: "All of us wore rider jackets or Sukajan style clothes during "RUN" and I really loved them."

Jungkook: "I usually like to wear oversize clothes and during this (War of Hormone) I wore a big knit. And these days I really like wearing knits. I chose this as my favorite because I'm attracted to knits."

Jin mentioned their hair color while talking about their concept. Jin who usually dyed his hair with dark colors bleached his hair since "FIRE" and he's receiving attention by trying out many different colors. We asked Jin, "Between your previous black hair and your currently lightened hair, which color do you think suits you more?" and Jin replied with great  metaphors.

"The two hairstyles are different. It's like how a real coffee tastes different to a coffee-flavored milk. We enjoy americano for its bitter taste and we drink coffee-flavored milk to enjoy the sweetness. I believe that two hair styles give different feels. In conclusion, I look good in both."

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