[Article] 161014 "Their view on Fashion" revealed by BTS themselves. Let's take a closer look! (2)

02. Face completes fashion?

For question 2 to 4, the members had to answer with O.X. The second question was "Face completes fashion?". As expected, BTS doesn't judge everything by one's face! None of them chose "O". 4 members confidently answered "X" while Rap Monster and Jin answered with "triangle". The members personally revealed the most important point in fashion.

02. Face completes fashion?

Rap Mon "I think only half of it is true. It's not a wrong statement but I don't believe that it (face) is everything. Actually, one's confidence and attitude matters more than one's face. I've experienced this too. I think it's important to try out clothes without any self prejudice."

Jin "It could be the face and it could not be the face too. As for me, I'm not very good at choosing clothes but I look okay in someways. I cover my fashion with my face (confident). This is my opinion."

J Hope "X. Body proportion is more important than face in completing fashion. I think when you have great body proportion it brings out the best in fashion."

Jimin "I don't think face is important in fashion. You can still feel the charms of people who aren't greatly handsome or beautiful so I never think face is everything."

V "I don't think this is true. Items like sunglasses and masks cover our face but they're fashion items. If face completes the fashion, there wouldn't be items like them. I really don't think face completes the fashion."

Jungkook "Not all fashionable people are handsome and beautiful. So I believe that "face does not complete the fashion".

Rap Monster who is the fashionista of BTS picked "confidence and attitude for fashion" as the main factors of fashion. It was a beautiful statement made by a true fashionista. Rap Monster who we thought has been a fashionista forever revealed that he also had times when he couldn't wear clothes he liked because he wasn't confident enough.

"I had a similar experience. When I was in my 3rd year in middle school, I didn't wear skinny jeans. I thought my legs were really ugly. Back in those days I thought skinny jeans can be only worn by people with pretty and skinny legs so I nailed myself with the statement "I have ugly legs so I will never wear them". But after becoming a trainee I realized that my legs were beautiful, ever since many people complimented my legs. Since then I started wearing skinny jeans. My legs which I've always thought were ugly started looking beautiful. I believe that it's important to wear clothes without prejudices or thinking "I'd look weird in them"." Rap Monster emphasized that attitude and confidence are important factors in fashion by referring to his own experience.

Jimin made a cute joke. When we asked him why he chose "X" Jimin said, "If I choose "O" it's going to make me really sad... By selecting it I'm proving that I'm bad at wearing good clothes...". Later he smiled and said he was joking but how could you say such thing when you're so handsome?

3. I pretend like I don't care but I always care how the fans would look at my fashion wherever I go 

BTS receives attention wherever they go as they are the global trend idol. They're in the center of attention in Korea and overseas so we asked them how much they care about the attention they receive from the public. Rap Monster, V and J Hope replied that they "do care", Jungkook and Jimin "X" and Jin replied with a triangle.

3. I pretend like I don't care but I always care how the fans would look at my fashion wherever I go 

Rap Mon "I'm very concerned. Wherever we go to, I'm very concerned. I guess this applies to everyone?"

Jin "I didn't really care about clothes before. But we are idols and many fans watch us so I do try to not dress too shabbily. But I've never been very interested in fashion and I'm not very conscious about what others think about my outfit."

J Hope "I can't really not be concerned. We're celebrities so many people pay attention to us. People take photos of us when we're on our way to work and sometimes journalists take out photos and I would be surprised if I looked bad in them. It's nice when I look in photos."

Jimin "I like people watching us with kind hearts but I don't think that it really make me  worried or think "what I should do"."

V "I'm very concerned about these things. I pretend to not care about them but I really do care a lot about it."

Jungkook "Even if I go to work with my pajamas, I wouldn't really care."

Rap Monster, J Hope and V said they really cared but on contrary Jungkook said he doesn't care at all. Jungkook said, "Even if I go to work with my pajamas, I wouldn't really care." so we asked him what he wears when he goes to bed and with a smile Jungkook replied "I wear strange Aladdin like wide leg pants when I'm at dorm".

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