[Article] 161014 "Their view on Fashion" revealed by BTS themselves. Let's take a closer look! (3)

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4. There is an outfit concept I have in mind that I'd like to wear next time

BTS grabs our attention by trying new and unique concepts for their new albums. As we've mentioned earlier, from school uniforms to uniforms and they also perfectly pulled off street style fashion as well. We asked them if they had any concept they'd like to try next time. Their answers divided them into perfect halves. Rap Monster, Jin and Jungkook answered that they don't while V, Jimin and J Hope replied that they have a concept idea in mind. So what could be the outfit concept they want to try?

4. Album concept I'd like to try next time?

Rap Mon "Actually I'd like to try the dark wear looks of manias but I think it's going to be a bit difficult to do this with other members. BTS respects the colors of other members."

Jin "I picked X. I'm someone who lives happily with what I have right now rather than plan my future ahead. I liked all the concepts we've done so far."

J Hope "I wish we could try a funky yet rocking mood. For instance, it would be nice to wear colorful knee socks over our pants."

Jimin "I usually take photos of outfits I like and save them on my personal mobile phone. These days I'm into unique color suit fashion like purple suits."

V "I think layering shirt and knit is very cool"

Jungkook "I don't have any outfit concept in mind"

As BTS is a group formed with members with strong personalities, their outfit ideas they wish to try next time were all different. We're sure BTS can pull off funky concept, color suits, preppy knit fashion and every other style!

Jin replied that he hasn't thought about their next concept like his personality. Jungkook is known to be the member who isn't very interested in fashion so he replied that he hasn't thought about their concept at all.

5. Which member has the best fashion sense? (fashionable member)

No. 1 Rap Monster   No. 2 V

The fifth question was to select the fashionista in BTS. As expected. Rap Monster came first. All 6 of them chose Rap Monster. You're wondering how V came second when everyone unanimously voted for Rap Monster? It's because Jimin and V voted for 2 members. Let's listen to why the members chose Rap Monster and V as the fashionistas.

5. Reason for selecting ____ as the most fashionable member?

Rap Monster -> Rap Monster "I really love clothes among us so I think the members would have voted for me"

Jin -> Rap Monster "Rap Mon combines various fashion items and creates a stylish look. But I prefer preppy style. I admit that Rap Monster dresses well but I'm not envious about his style."

J Hope -> Rap Monster "This guy likes clothes the most among us. So I picked Rap Monster."

Jimin -> Rap Monster, V "Rap Mon hyung and Taehyung do what they want without caring what others think. I think the two of them express themselves well so I picked the two members."

V -> Rap Monster, V "I picked Rap Mon hyung as the stylish member. But personally I love my own style the most."

Jungkook -> Rap Monster "Rap Mon hyung owns many clothes. I think he has 3 times the clothes I have."

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