[Article] 161014 "Their view on Fashion" revealed by BTS themselves. Let's take a closer look! (4)

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Sixth question was "The item I have most in my closet is?". Members tried to remember the things inside their closet to tell us what was the item they had the most. Most of the members liked boxy and overfit clothes. Overfit tshirt, sweatshirts, jackets and many more. BTS showed their love for overfit items. So what could be the items they owned the most?

6. The item I have most in my closet is?

Rap Mon "Black or white clothes. Most of my clothes are achromatic colors. And I have many hats/caps too. I really love hats/caps. Including caps, beanies, fedoras. I have a variety."

Jin "Big sweatshirts. I have many 2XL size sweater shirts  or boxy shirt the most."

J Hope "Jacket and sweatshirts. I have two hangers, a top and a bottom one. I have jackets in the top hanger and on the bottom I keep sweatshirts, hoodies, shirts but I think I have more sweatshirts and jackets."

Jimin "Accessories, pants, coats. I don't have many of them but I usually don't have a large collection but among them those are the items I own the most."

V "Shirt, long sleeves, knit, overfit clothes. I like wearing oversized jackets, cardigans, etc. And I like to style knit over shirts. So I own more clothes like these."

Jungkook "I'm generally not interested in fashion so the item that I really love is plain shirts. So I own many plain shirts."

While trying to remember the items in his closet, J Hope shared his closet organizing tip.

"I have a top and a bottom hanger in my room and I sort my clothes accordingly. I have outer items like jackets on my top hanger and on the bottom I keep sweatshirts, hoodies and shirts. I'm particular about organizing so I have to organize everything. It sets me at ease and my mind feels better. And even when I'm choosing my outfit, I can pick them at a glance even from far. I keep them grouped in similar colors and similar types."

BTS is sexy and handsome from head to toe but they would have their favorite sexy point in their body, right? So we asked them the seventh question "7. In my opinion, the sexiest body part in my body is?". Members picked their own sexy point. Which part of the body could they have picked and what could be the reason?

7. In my opinion, the sexiest body part in my body is?

Rap Mon "I've been told many times that I have pretty hands. And I really love my legs. Actually I used to hate them until middle school. I thought they were fat. I'm not sure about my brow bones but people occasionally compliment them so I decided to write it."

Jin "I have broad shoulders compared to our members and recently I lost weight (during "FIRE") so you can see my collarbones. So I think that's quite sexy."

J Hope "I'm confident about my legs. So it's my sleek legs."

Jimin "Eyes. (Journalist: I think I wouldn't have to ask you the reason) Thank you ^^"

V "Eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows. Rather than a body part, I love myself.♥"

Jungkook "Thighs. Fans talk alot about my thighs. I think it's because I learned Taekwondo when I was younger so I believe that could have made my thighs look good."

Jungkook's thighs are very famous among their fans. Jungkook's aware of this and he picked his thighs which are frequently mentioned by his fans as his sexy body part. When we asked Jungkook if he was born with those manly thighs and he shyly replied "I didn't do any special workouts but they've been like this since I was younger. Perhaps it's because I learned Taekwondo when I was young so that could have made my thighs look good."

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