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As the last eight question was  "What is the fashion item you'd like to give the most to the member who is on your right side?". Shall we look at what our BTS members who are close to each other wishes to give to the person who is next to them?

 What is the fashion item you'd like to give the most to the member who is on your right side?

Rap Mon -> Jungkook "I would like to buy him trousers. Jungkook has firm thighs like a man. I would like to buy him a pair of straight pants that would look good on Jungkook's manly legs."

Jin -> J Hope "Colorful shirt. Hope dresses well too. His outfits stand out a bit. So I would like to buy something that stands out."

J Hope -> Rap Monster "This friend always tells me that he feels uneasy when he doesn't have a cap/hat on. He sticks to unique hair colors so he tells me that his hair kills his style. I would like to present Rap Mon a pretty cap/hat."

Jimin -> Jin "Jin hyung dresses really well. But sometimes, very sometimes he decides to wear shabby shoes when he dresses up stylishly. So I would like to present a pair of manly looking shoes that would fit the clothes hyung wears often."

V -> Jimin "Sunglasses and rings. Jimin likes items like these."

Jungkook -> V "Rings and necklaces. V hyung really loves accessories so if I were to buy him a present, I would get him an accessory item."

BTS members knew each other very well than any other people. The item loved by a particular member, the item that will bring out the charms of a particular member- they really saw through them. Rap Monster especially complimented Jungkook's thighs and revealed he wanted to get him trousers that will suit his legs.

"Jungkook is sitting on my right side but Jungkook isn't confident about his own legs. But his thighs are really strong and manly. However, Jungkook thinks them like a bit of a complex. He often tells me "hyung, I think my legs are too thick.". But I find that very cool. I think he has very manly thighs. So I would like to buy him a pair of trousers that will look perfect on Jungkook's legs. I think slim straight fit pants would look on him. The legs shouldn't be too wide and it should get narrower as it reaches the bottom. A moderately slim pants. I think it will look good on him."

It was a special fashion exam session which allowed us to take a closer look at BTS members' view on fashion and the style they prefer! They are stealing the hearts of the ladies with their prince-like concept for their new album "WINGS". We're looking forward to their future promotions and concep
ts they'll be showing us. We hope BTS to fly high with their wings on and as bonus, we will reveal the "Special Fashion Exam Paper" answered by the members themselves!

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1. Heol this is on main. BTS's Blood Sweat and Tears, let's succeed~ +1488 -165

2. The members dress well with personality and their stylists work hard with their stage outfits so it's fun to watch +1197 -133

3. Blood Sweat & Tears, let's succeed!! Please don't get hurt and promote safely +1114 -121

4. I think groups like BTS who have distinct characteristic and good concepts hit daebak +1135 -150

5. This group must be popular. 2~3 articles of them appear on main page everyday and their articles are good +1145 -161

6. Yeah, the youngest isn't interested in fashion ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +232 -17

7. BTS WINGS let's hit daebak!! Love you❤ +209 -20

8. Boys this is cool ㅠㅠㅠ WINGS let's succeed! Love you♡ +217 -24

9. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ cute. articles like this are fun to read. thank you~ +186 -16

10. I'm happy that they're succeeding. I like their song too  +183 -16

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