[Article] 161014 [XP Interview] BTS replies to "Infinity Challenge" Park Myungsoo's love call!

Group BTS is continues to top the charts with their latest song "Blood Sweat & Tears". After successfully lining the music charts with their new songs which released on 10th, BTS is still remaining in the top ranks of music charts, topped US iTunes Top Album Chart and they were the first K pop group to reach 10 million views in the shortest time. They are literally marching with records. And after watching Yoo Jaesuk X EXO stage on MBC "Infinity Challenge", Park Myungsoo sent out a love call to BTS. The group is mentioned many times every day.

On 13th, BTS sat down with Xportsnews at Mnet "MCountdown" waiting room to share their thoughts about their first comeback stage, their gratitude for being able to set records and to send a thank you message to "Infinity Challenge" Park Myungsoo for sending them a love call. The following are a series of questions and answers with BTS.

◆How do you feel about your first comeback stage?
(J Hope) We're really excited to perform at a music show in 5 months. We really want to show our stage soon. I wish we could show the results of our efforts made with our blood, sweat and tears.

(Jin) We got the opportunity to perform "21st century girl" on stage. I'm very happy to be able to meet our fans at music show after a long time. I'm grateful to the fans who came to support us during early morning pre-recording.

◆You guys attempted concept with your new song

(Jimin) I think this is going to be the first time seeing the concept properly on stage. We wish we could express them as coolly as we've imagined to. I hope we could bring out sexy charms to fit the concept of our song.

◆You are setting new records every day. What was the most pleasant achievement?

(V) It was our first time seeing our songs line up on music chart. We were happy to see our previous title track "FIRE" enter the music chart again and I thought "Our fans are really supporting us a lot.". 

(Rap Monster) I personally believe that we will do well in other countries only if we do well in Korea. I was honestly worried before our comeback because in reality boy groups don't show much power on major music charts like Melon. I always worried about things like "what should we do for the public to listen to our music?", "what could we do to climb on the music charts?". 3 days have passed since we've released our new album but our songs still remain in top 10 and our results are better compared to our previous album. That means a lot to us, And we are also happy about the result we achieved in US iTunes chart. We can't believe it's real at the moment but winning the 1st place in the biggest music market in the world makes us happy. Lastly, it's how quickly we were able to reach 10 million views on Youtube. We heard that we are the second fastest artist to reach the record after senior PSY. Since we are accomplishing good results quickly, we're happy because it feels like we're achieving something new one at a time.

◆ What could  be the secret behind these good results and favorable reviews?

(Suga) During our 3 years, we gradually showed what we can do. I believe that our growth is reasonable to the public and to our fans. Honestly, I'm sure there would had been people who didn't feel comfortable about our musical colors or our team name but I think we tried to convince them little by little. We need to convince them more. That is our duty.

(Rap Monster) I think K-POP has turned into a special and unique culture. I think there's a complex factor that can't be explained through music and performance. I'm sure there are other reasons why people from other countries like us but I think they like to see us working hard and doing our best to do music. 

◆What was the most memorable good review you heard while you tried to persuade the public and not your fans?

(Jin) Honestly we can't help but focus more on our fans' responses. Most comments are written by our fans so it's hard for us to personally listen to the public's opinion. If I just look solely at my friends, my friend's friend doesn't know any song by BTS or when we made our comeback and this is the truth.

(Jimin) There's a review that I liked. I carefully watched the responses for the first time since our new album is doing well. Then I saw a comment that said "I'm not a fan of BTS but I really accept that this (album) is good.". I was happy. I thought "Will Rap Monster hyung feel less distressed this time?". 

(Suga) I always see comments like "This song isn't better than their previous song". During "I NEED U" and "RUN" we received good responses but for "FIRE" it was "not so good" or comments like "I liked FIRE but I don't like this song.".  I think the public hasn't still opened their hearts for us. It's our duty to capture our fans and the public.

◆ Recently Park Myungsoo revealed on MBC "Infinity Challenge" that he would like to perform with BTS on stage.

(J Hope) I'm a big fan of "Infinity Challenge". I was happy when our group name was mentioned on a show I always enjoy watching to. I thought "BTS has grown so much" and this made me happy. Actually we met Park Myungsoo many times. We met him at the airport and he's a person who really loves music. He also gave musical advice to us.

(Suga) I heard he has a workspace at his home. His very passionate about music. I think he is an amazing person.

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1. It (collaboration stage) was only possible because it was God Yoo... +1032 -105

2. I like you Myungsoo hyung but if you are going to complain and then get mad during practices I think it's better for you not to do this (project)+543 -35

3. BTS didn't even say they want to appear on Infinity Challenge. They just talked about their comeback and this was just a short question yet the journalist is attracting Attention Seekers with the title. I thought BTS talked only about Infinity Challenge during this interview. +122 -5

4. They just said they are fans of Infinity Challenge. How could you call that a reply to his love call... +88 -1

5. Park Myungsoo mentioned them first on Infinity Challenge and said he wants to collaborate with them and BTS just replied they're happy to be mentioned so why are you leaving negative comments? ㅋㅋ+106 -8

6. Blood Sweat & Tears, fighting! +103 -7

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