[Article] 161015 BTS is the first Korean artist to enter UK Album Chart... ranks 62nd place

Group BTS enters UK Album chart with their second full album "WINGS" and they are the first Korean artist to achieve such accomplishment.

According to UK Official Charts company (http://www.officialcharts.com) on 15th, BTS's second full album "WINGS" ranked 62nd place on UK Album Chart and 16th on Indie Album Chart.

UK Official Chart is a prominent pop chart beside US Billboard and BTS is the first Korean artist to enter the chart with their album.

After the release of their second album "WINGS" on 10th, BTS boasted greatest global popularity by sweeping domestic music charts and international charts including Asia and US. The group has now entered UK Official chart, once again proving their world star status.

Previously BTS was the first Korean artist to rank No.1 on US Itunes Album chart and they topped 97 iTunes charts and their songs from second album "WINGS" lined up on US Apple Music K-Pop chart from 1 to 15. The group is setting new records since the release of their album.

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1. The first to enter album chart (shakes) BTS is cool~ +1571 -110

2. They are the first Korean artist to enter uk chart... it's not an easy chart so this is daebak. Seriously BTS... They're a group that I really look forward to their future. Fighting!! +1420 -95

3. Wow I'm so proud of them ㅠㅠ They're really receiving attention from the world +1267 -95

4. BTS is advancing to the world!! I support you~~ +1166 -92

5. Wow this is amazing. BTS congrats!! Let's continue working only on flower road❤️❤️❤️ +1051 -75

6. Wow.. that's not even the K-Pop chart but it's the main UK Chart, isn't it?? Heol...daebak.. seriously BTS.. wow... they're setting all the "first korean" records, aren't they... wow... +390 -9

7. Wow I heard that UK chart is hard for Asians to enter but they're the first Korean artist.. this is amazing +383 -8

8. UK main chart has single/album and as for single Psy was the first Korean artist to rank No.1 and BTS is the first in album charts. European countries are tighter towards Asians so it's a tough chart to enter. it's not even the Kpop chart +363 -6

9. heol UK Chart?? It's the major chart next to Billboard and they entered the main chart???? heol...daekbak... this is crazy +358 -6

10. UK Chart has single chart and album chart. BTS is the first artist to enter the album chart. I'm proud of them because they rank wasn't too low too! +342 -5

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