[Article] 161017 [Culture Square] International press shows attention to "The next PSY", BTS

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Sales of classic literature "Demian" has rapidly increased recently at bookstores.

It's an influence made by an idol group

Coincidentally, the group is also receiving attention from international press as "The next PSY". We went to meet the star group.

It's the group "BTS" who has been producing various mysterious phenomenons with their new album.

We went to see them at the Music Bank waitingroom where they were having their comeback stage.


Their group name might sound unfamiliar to middle-aged viewers. 

We asked them to introduce themselves.

J Hope (BTS member): ""Bangtan" (bulletproof) means to block something, right? Our group name holds the meaning of protecting our music and value by protecting the 10s and 20s from the prejudices and suppression directed towards them."

The group debuted in 2013 and their popularity grew gradually so they are known as "developing idol".

Their second full album swept the music chart and their hard work finally paid off. The Demian craze at bookstores is also related to this.

Rap Monster (BTS member): We felt that (growth novel) "Demian" had many similar points and contact points to the story we really wanted to express. Therefore, we applied many objet and elements from "Demian" in our jacket photos and music video concept."

Their fans looked for the book to read and understand their album better. Of course, the members themselves had read the book many times.

Suga (BTS member): "It wasn't one of my favorite books but after reading again this time, I'm in love with it."

Oversea countries are showing enthusiastic responses too.

They ranked #1 in many countries' music charts including Sweden and Hong Kong. They were the first Korean artist to enter UK Album Chart and now they're mentioned as the next rising world star after PSY. 

Rap Monster (BTS member): "I think the characteristic of our generation makes it possible for the people from all over the world to respond to us even if we live in different surroundings or follow different culture."

However, besides their musical ability we could see their various charms like teamwork during the interview.

The members clapped after the leader's logical speech.

"We're surprised because we see him every day. He is our leader."

They even passed the microphone around to equally answer the interview and when we mentioned variety shows, they wittily mentioned Mr. Yoo Jaesuk.

"Please invite us on Happy Together. Jaesuk hyungnim, please invite us."

However, they regained their seriousness as soon as we asked their determination as Hallyu singer.

Rap Monster (BTS member): "I believe that we are exchanging energy between us after overcoming nationality or language barrier to charge our batteries. We think we should charge the batteries of Koreans and many people around the world."

We anticipate to see their soar with the help of strong wings just like the title of their album "WINGS".

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