[Article] 161018 BTS sweeps China and Japan too... ""WINGS" takes control of Asia

Group BTS's second full album "WINGS" seized the charts of Japan and China.

On 17th Japan Tower Records released "October 10th~16th General Album Weekly Chart" and announced that BTS's second full album "WINGS" came first. 

Tower Records is the biggest record store in Japan. Previously, BTS came first on Tower Records' Monthly Chart for the month of September with their Japanese full album "YOUTH" on 5th. 

Thus, BTS put their name in the first place again on Weekly Chart with their Korean full album in less than 2 weeks since they topped the Monthly Chart with their Japanese album. 

Furthermore, on 17th according to the V Chart Weekly Chart for Korea released by the biggest Chinese music site "Yinyuetai", "WINGS" scored 99 points out of 100 and topped the chart with overwhelming scores.

"WINGS" caught our attention by ranking 1st on major music sites' real time charts on 10th as soon as it was released. And BTS finally seized the first place on Weekly Chart and proved their burning popularity in China.

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Response +146

1. It's so nice to see BTS doing well. I hope you fly higher. I'm so happy as a fan. Fighting!! +306 -30

2. Their Japanese fans kept increasing until now but I can really see their Chinese fans increasing lately +281 -25

3. They're really amazing!!~+248 -22

4. Woah~ so hot~ they're being recognized by the world♡ +249 -24

5. Honestly isn't BTS literally a super star now? +228 -35

6. BTS let's fly high with your wings♡ +66 -2

7. As expected, BTS! Let's succeed!! +62 -1

8. I think it would be nice for the new fans who joined the fandom during WINGS to listen to BTS's previous songs and songs from their first album Dark&Wild +72 -5

9. WINGS album is really amazingㅠㅠ I love all the songs ㅠㅠㅠ love you BTS +62 -4

10. BTS loved by Asia. BTS loved by US and people from all over the wolrd. Please stay healthy and present us with more good songs. Let's succeed more in the future. Fighting. I'm proud of BTS ^^ +59 -5

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