[Article] 161018 [Oh! Sen Talk] BTS "We're bewildered to achieve the best record as Korean artist on Billboard. We are grateful to our fans all over the world."

"We are sincerely and endlessly grateful to ARMYs around the world."

Group BTS achieved another "first time" record. Their second full album "WINGS" which released on 10th debuted at No. 26 on US Billboard 200 Chart and this is the best record for a K-Pop album. They are the first Korean artist and second Asian artist in history.

BTS wanted to thank their fans for their effort. On 18th, Rap Monster revealed his thoughts to OSEN, "It's one of the two main chart of Billboard and we were told that we achieved the highest record as Korean artist. It's a line that I really can't believe even when someone tells me countless times.  We are sincerely and endlessly grateful to many ARMYs around the world who listened to our music, opened their hearts and responded to us.".

BTS has successfully entered Billboard 200 chart with three consecutive albums. They ranked 171th place with "HYYH pt 2" which released last November and they climbed to 107th place with "HYYH Young Forever" which released last May.

Billboard posted a column that talked about BTS's new record, highlighting "BTS' new album Wings is flying high above all previous K-pop records on the Billboard 200.". This shows BTS's dream of "Flying high just like our album title "WINGS"" coming true.

Suga thanked his fans, "I'm really stunned to enter Billboard chart which has been my dream. I'm bewildered and I think we were able to accomplish this achievement because of the love from our fans rather than our good work. I would like to thank our fans.".

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1. They're amazing. I think they're definitely more famous in other countries. Their songs are in Korean music charts too (shakes) +2721 -366

2. BTS, let's continue to succeed more! +2618 -388

3. Their songs are really nice.. they deserve it +2307 -367

4. Let's succeed!!!!! +1935 -311

5. Congrats!! I hope you grow bigger and bigger! +1788 -300

6. By nature, people who climb a step at a time will not fall easily. BTS drew their growth drama and that was shown in their music which is the strength of BTS. I think they will become the model for future idols from small companies. +460 -34

7. Korean idols are usually famous in Asia but BTS is exceptionally famous in Europe and US. That's really interesting and cool. +432 -32

8. Blood, Sweat & Tears gets stuck in your head the more you listen to it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I think BTS is popular now. They started from a small company so it's really amazing +448 -42

9. When you say you're Korean in Europe they go "BTS"? I think they're really popular internationally... +409 -29

10. This is an amazing achievement +443 -38

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