[Article] 161019 BTS is #26 on Billboard "sensational"... the secret to their popularity

(You can watch the video here)

Idol group BTS debuted at No.26 on US Billboard Chart. They have surpassed Asia and now the group is changing the records of K POP by creating a sensation in the US music market.

It's been only 10 days since the release of BTS's new track but the music video has reached over 25 million views and their song is receiving enthusiastic responses from other countries too.

Their new album debuted at No. 26 on US Billboard Album Chart which was released yesterday (18th) night. The album also entered the conservative UK Chart and ranked #62.

They've accomplished best results as Korean musician in album charts.

They also topped on charts that are determined by popularity on SNS like "Social 50", "World Album" and "Digital World Song" Charts. 

Rap Monster/ BTS Leader: All of our members participate in composing, writing lyrics or producing the album. We believe that we're appealing our listeners regardless of their nationality with the story we talk about.

They didn't create their album to target international market nor did they do any large scale promotion.

Nevertheless, it looks like their musical colors is liked by Western fans and interacting actively on SNS have helped them to gain popularity from US market and beyond Asia.

Bang Sihyuk/ President of "BTS" company: Before the West used to consider KPOP as music only loved by freaks but now it's becoming a culture.

BTS's popularity shows possibilities of expansion of KPOP which has been emphasized in the Asian countries and it's drawing our attention.

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