[Article] 161019 BTS, a record followed by another record.. "Birth of the new world star"

After setting a new record as Korean artist in Billboard 200, BTS continues to sweep Billboard World Chart, World Digital Song Chart and Social 50 Chart.

According to the latest chart (2016 October 19th) released by Billboard, BTS is #26 on Billboard 200 and they proudly debuted at No.1 on other charts like World Album Chart, World Digital Song Chart and Social 50 Chart.

Billboard Social 50 is the ranking of the most popular and influential artist on SNS. The chart collects data like "likes", "followers", "views" and similar figures  from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and various other social networking sites and analyzes to determine the ranking. Famous US pop stars like Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift have ranked #1 in the mentioned chart.

An official of Bighit Entertainment announced, "For a Korean artist to debut at No.1 on Billboard Social 50 Chart, it proves that interacting with fans online like BTS and posting various contents online are the new trend of increasing the group's popularity.".

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