[Article] 161020 BTS is #1 peerless with 180,000 cases

As of the third week of October (13~19th), BTS is #1 valued boy group for two straight weeks. The Weekly Buzz Ranking is the total number of articles written by 118 Korean medias, the number of times they were mentioned on SNS, the number of comments they receive on portal sites, etc.

BTS received 184,180 buzz cases during the period. You can tell they have a solid fandom by the number of comments they received (145,544 comments) and the number of times they were mentioned on SNS (37,954 times). During this period 682 news articles were written about them. They received the highest response on the 13th. It was the 22nd birthday of member Jimin. On this day alone, they received 37,904 comments in articles. They were mentioned on radios and TV on his birthday and they received explosive real-time responses. The fandoms movement looked like they were ready to celebrate Jimin's birthday. 

On 18th, they received over forty thousand buzz cases and this was the day they set a new record on US Billboard and a column about their record was written by them. When Korea discovered this, the buzz ranking rolled too. BTS debuted at #26 on Billboard 200 chart with their new album "WINGS". They also entered the Billboard chart with 3 consecutive albums. BTS received 35,564 comments under their Billboard entry articles.

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