[Article] 161021 "BTS" leads the new Hallyu with SNS

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Have you heard of the idol group BTS?
They aren't widely popular like Big Bang or SNSD but they are receiving attention for seizing Billboard chart this week.
They are loved by the younger age groups around the world because of their new strategy. Reporter Jang Bokyung took a closer look at the reason behind their popularity.

There are 2 main charts in Billboard.
Between these 2, "Billboard 200" ranks the albums and Korean idol group BTS's second full album "WINGS" debuted at #26.

They've achieved the highest ranking as Korean artist and they are the second artist among Asian singers. This is their 3rd entry in the chart.

The group came #1 in "Social 50", "World Album" and "World Digital Song" Charts. 

They proved they were a group that is recognized by the world by entering at #62 on the UK Official Chart which is considered as one of the two major music charts with Billboard.

"Social 50" chart shows us the key behind their popularity.

This chart ranks the most active and influential artists on SNS.

The meaning behind BTS is to defend the society's prejudices and suppression targeting the 10s and 20s. They stayed active on many SNS channels like Youtube and Facebook.

The lyrics of "Blood Sweat & Tears" express the concerns of youth and the music video reached 20 million views in the shortest period of time which was just 5 days.

Their strategy is different compared to other groups who raise publicity by appearing on variety shows or turning into actors after debuting as a group formed with trainees.

This could be the reason why they aren't familiar among the older generation but they have a strong fandom among the younger generation.

They appeared as K POP new kids but before we knew, BTS is now becoming the  representative group and this is why we need to pay attention to their future.

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