[Article] 161022 BTS tops the list of singer brand values for October... The result of active interaction

According to the analyzed result report of October big data, BTS is the #1  highest valued singer,  pushing side I.O.I and EXO.

On 22nd Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation announced, "We analyzed 158185702 worth of singer brand data from last September 20th to October 21st and we analyzed the consumer participation rate on brands, media, interaction and community."

As a result, BTS came first. Compared to September's report, BTS's figures increased by 52.91%. I.O.I and EXO followed behind in 2nd and 3rd places. Their figures increased by 38.20% and decreased by 26.55% respectively.

Gu Changhwan, the head of Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation explained, "BTS debuted at #26 on US Billboard Album chart with their second full album which released last 10th and they also entered the UK chart at #62. They're the first Korean artist to achieve such highest charting record. They are also the first Korean artist to enter the chart (Billboard) with 3 consecutive albums." and continued, "If you take a look at the actual data, the buzz quantity BTS receives globally overwhelms the amount of buzz created domestically."

He continued, "BTS achieved such incredible record without promoting in the US or producing a single English song but BTS is the idol group that makes the best use of their SNS accounts. They are producing new records via global SNS platforms like Youtube.".

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