[Article] 161024 US XXL, " Rap Monster is a rapper who lives up to his name"

Popular US hip hop magazine XXL paid attention to group BTS's leader Rap Monster in their article on 10 Korean Rappers You Should Know.

(translation of the original article)

Meanwhile, BTS which is the group Rap Monster is a part of released their second full album "WINGS" last 10th and they were the first Korean artist to debut at #26 on Billboard 200 and the group is gaining great popularity from around the world.

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Response +276

1. You can tell this by the fact that there are many international fanboys supporting BTS rapper line members~~ ^^ +237 -0

2. I like Rap Mon's rapping style ㅠㅠ +192 -0

3. Teamwork makes dream work! +178 -0

4. Rap Monster,  I love you (wails +168 -0 
(commenter 4 calls him ram monster tho...XD)

5. Rap Monster is the name I'll dye while calling out +160 -0

6. Rap Mon, this is cool!!!! +46 -0

7. All 10 rappers are talented. As for Rap Monster, even Warren G approved his talent +42 -0

8. I really love Do You ㅠㅠㅠ I love the lyrics and the song too so I listen to it often. Rap Mon, jjang jjang fighting!! +42 -0

9. I really love Rap Monster's rapping style~! The lyrics he write for his songs comfort me. Always fighting♡ +41 -0

10. You are the reason why I started liking hip hop and wanted to learn about it. Please continue doing well +41 -0

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