[Article] 161025 BTS "DOPE" MV hits 1 hundred million views.. they set another new record

Group BTS's "DOPE" music video reached one hundred million views.

The music video of "DOPE", a song from their mini album "HYYH pt 1" which came out last June reached 100,006,512 views on Youtube as at 25th 9:45AM (KST).

This figure is only based on the view counts of "DOPE" MV uploaded on 1theK's Youtube channel. When we add the views of the music video on Bighit Entertainment's official Youtube channel , it's over 105,392,178 views, which is a huge record.

Powerful electronic hip hop sound of "DOPE" was the song that made international fans respond greatly to BTS. It's an autobiographical song of BTS that talks about the members focusing on practicing and music day and night and it received great love from fans around the world.

Meanwhile, BTS recently debuted at #26 on US Billboard main album chart "Billboard 200" with their second full album "WINGS" and they also set the record on UK Official Chart by entering at #62, making them the first Korean artist to enter the chart and the group continues to receive global popularity.

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