[Article] 161025 Interview 3 "Infinite Challenge" Kim Taeho PD "Chances of Park Myungsoo X BTS Collaboration is..."

- How realistically is it possible for Park Myungsoo and BTS to collaborate?

"I couldn't give a definite answer back then  because the definition of "working hard" for Park Myungsoo is different compared to the definition of "working hard" thought by the viewers. BTS is positive about the collaboration but we're not confident. (laughs) Yoo Jaesuk focused in practicing so much that he didn't allow the cameras to record him while he practiced with EXO. The choreography of idols are often off beat and they have many little moves. And sometimes they express their moves with their feel and it's hard to achieve this in a short period of practices."

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1. I wish Mr. Myungsoo and BTS get together in the show even if they don't collaborate! 

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