[Article] 161027 "BTS" flies into the world... "We will become the idol you trust listening to"

Idol group BTS spends second week on US Billboard Album Chart.

They're the first Korean artist to set such huge record.

Journalist Yoon Hyunsook met "Idol of Records" BTS who is making new history and changes in KPOP.

BTS's new album "WINGS" spends second week on US Billboard Album Chart.

On the first week they debuted at #26 and this was the best result achieved by Korean artist.

They're also the first Korean artist to enter the chart again for 2 consecutive weeks with the same album.

We asked what was the secret behind achieving astonishing records like topping in 97 iTunes Chart and rising as the KPOP trend.

[Suga/ BTS: All our members participate in making our album and I think we write many lyrics that are relatable by our generation- listeners who are in their 10s~20s. I think we write supportive lyrics.]

[Jimin/ BTS: We try our best to show many sides of us by using SNS and I think our fans  feel younger or elder brother like charms from us...]

[Rap Monster/ BTS: I think many people overcome the language or nationality barriers to feel our energy together with us.]

They were proud of their explosive popularity but they stayed humble.

[J Hope/ BTS: Many of our fans and the public watched our video  favorably and this made me think, "Ah, our efforts are rewarded.."]

[Jin/ BTS: I think it's right for us to say we feel more responsible and not pressured. I believe that we should keep improving what we do to show better performances in times like this.]

They debuted only 3 years ago. They're writing a remarkable growth narrative but they said they still have more to show us.

[V/ BTS: We hope we could have the chance to express someone else's story with our music and not only our story.]

[Jungkook/ BTS: I guess our concept would blend in naturally with the specific generation when the time comes? That is my opinion.]

They also revealed their dreams of becoming an idol who listeners trust listening to and an idol group that continues to grow with their fans.

[Suga/ BTS: The pain suffered by youths, we try our best to incorporate the pain as much as we can and we really hope we could present you with songs that capture more of these things.]

[Rap Monster/ BTS: Team you trust listening to their music, team you trust watching, we really hope we could become BTS who you trust listening to and watching...]

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