[Article] 161029 "Radio Show" Park Myungsoo, "I want to collaborate with BTS like Yoo JaesukXEXO"

Celebrity Park Myungsoo displayed his fanboy emotions for boy group BTS.

Park Myungsoo expressed his affection for BTS.

On 29th October broadcast og KBS Cool FM "Park Myungsoo's Radio Show", Park Myungsoo revealed that he wished to collaborate with BTS.

The opening song for today's show was Yoo Jaesuk and EXO's song "Dancing King". Park Myungsoo expressed, "I talked about this after seeing Jaesuk practice hard for the project. I half jokingly said I wish I could collaborate with BTS and not EXO and I got many negative comments.", and continued, "I know it's not going to be easy. However, I would like to say that I'm their (BTS) fan.".

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