[Article] 161101 Flower boys from 1500 years ago are coming to us... "Hwarang" unveils

"Hwarang", the flower like boys who lived back 1500 years ago are coming.

New KBS 2TV Mon-Tuesday drama "Hwarang" (written by Park Eunyoung, directed by Yoon Sungsik) which is scheduled to premiere on this December revealed the special poster. "Hwarang" is a 100% pre-produced drama and received great attention for its star-studded cast.

On 1st, producers of "Hwarang" revealed a special sentimental poster of "flower like boys". The producers decided to unveil the photos of the six Hwarangs in their first poster. They made this choice to bring out the sparkling charms of their youthful characters- Park Seojoon, Park Hyungsik, Choi Minho, Do Jihan, Cho Yoonwoo and Kim Taehyung (V). "Hwarang" is catching our eyes with the 6 glowing men and this hints a birth of a drama that will please our eyes during the end of this year.

The special sentimental poster captures the six Hwarangs walking in green grassland under clear blue sky. The warm sunlight in the photo expresses the passion and courage of the youths who will be overcoming their hardships. The pink flower petals that fly around the six Hwarangs express that "youth" makes them glow brighter and their passion is also expressed in a refreshing way.

The story behind the two leading men, Park Seojoon (playing the role of Sunwoo) and Park Hyungsik (playing the role of Sam Maekjong) also stands out. Although their sharp swords touch one another, we see Park Seojoon and Park Hyungsik looking at each other with a smile. We're anticipating to see the bromance, growth, and friendship behind these two lead characters.

Choi Minho (Suho), Do Jihan (Banryu), Cho Joonwoo (Yeowool), and Kim Taehyung (Hansung) made the poster more heartwarming. Choi Minho who makes people around him happy just with his smile, Do Jihan walking with an arrow, Cho Yoonwoo smiling while carrying Kim Taehyung on his back, and Kim Taehyung's bashful smile and his vivacious personality. The story of youths created by these men under the name "Hwarang" will twinkle like stars.

The perfect harmony brought by the six Hwarang is really catching our eyes. You can see the bright future of ambitious and pure Hwarangs just from the poster. Their lives are similar to the present day youths and we're looking forward to seeing how much attention and issue the drama would bring. We're also very curious to find out the female character Go Ara (Aro) who hasn't been revealed in the poster yet.

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