[Misc] 161016~17 Fansign post-its

When I talked about his abs in the trailer video, Hoseok drew this cutely 
(I slowly took it out to look at it again because I can't fall asleep)

My tummy~

 Between MAMA and Intro: Boy Meets Evil, which song is your favorite?


What was the hardest choreography in Intro:Boy Meets Evil?

hmmm. Rainbow ㅠ

 Thanks for showing your abs today on Inkigayo. Did you do it on purpose because you knew you'd make the fans happy?

Not on purpose 

Please rank the hyungs in the funniest order

1. Jin
2. V
3. Hope
4. Suga 
5. Rap Mon
6. Jimin
7. Jungkook

Please write an acrostic poem for "홀리아" (Holly-ah)

Hol - Holly is
ly - ly-ppeu-da (pretty; it should be 이쁘다)
ah- ah-ju mani (very much)

Please rank the solo songs of the members in your favorite order

1~7 First Love

Easiest choreography of BTS?
I like it

Who is the member that fits the sexy concept of Blood Sweat & Tears?

1. Jimin
2. V
3. Hope
4. JK
5. Sg
6. RM
7. Jin

Please draw a cat that looks like Jimin

Taetae, please tell us the ranking of foreign language you're familiar to

1. Japanese
2. English
3. Korean :P

What do you want to receive from Jimin for birthday?

Jimin oppa, what do you think its your charm?

1. eye smile
2. cute face
3. sexy
4. nice voice
5. ___________
(2~4 - I'll leave for you guys to decide)

What is the phrase you hear often lately?

Who is the member that doesn't fit the new sexy concept?

When will you release the music video of so far away?
There isn't

Superman Jeon Jungkook!!
If you could be born again, what would you like to be? and why?


Who apologizes first when you fight with Jimin oppa? 
we both do

Who apologizes first when you fight with Taehyung oppa?
both of us apologize together...

Holly or Kumamon
Choose with a tick

Isn there a music video for So far away?

Rap Mon oppa, what is the line from your song that comes to your mind when you see me? (only among BTS songs)

I want to stroke/pat you

 Jungkook oppa! Please draw my face >ㅁ<
JK: ah, I can't~ I don't think I should... don't you think oppa would ruin your cute face?

it...it's alright...^^

Please draw the member beside you
artist: Suga
person next to him: Jungkook

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