[Misc] Grade 9 Yoongi's letter to radio about his past love♥

Recalling my past love...

Year 3 Class 3 No. 13 Min Yoongi 
(T/N: This is 3rd year in middle school)

Hello, I'm Min Yoongi from Daegu.
I'm embarrassed to write a letter to a radio which I've always been listening to. Today, we were told to write a letter to a radio by our Korean Language teacher. I was thinking about what I should write about but while reading "A letter of delight" by author Hwang Dongkyu I remembered my past love and here I am putting down few words about it.

Grade 9, it might be a tender age  to say the word "love" without feeling embarrassed. However, those heart aching memories were my true feelings. Last year, I was in Grade 8 and I'm embarrassed to say this but I had a girl I liked.  But I was a complete fool so I couldn't talk to her and we just remained as friends. The more closer I got with her, the greedier I became. I didn't want to be friends with her anymore so I confessed to her.

But she accepted my confession so we st
arted going out. However this is when the problem started. I got to go out with her but  I couldn't approach her easily and because I was shy I couldn't treat her better compared to the time we used to be friends so our relation turned awkward. It was driving me crazy. After few days of our relationship, she told me we should just be friends and her words felt like they created a hole on one side of my heart. Of course, I understood her and I blamed my stupid self. Adults would say I shouldn't be dating at my age and love isn't for my age but there was nothing different compared to adults although I was young. I kept thinking about her even after we decide to be friends again and regretted "Why didn't I treat her better back then?". If anyone asked me to go back to that moment, I would go back to treat her better and confidently tell her that I like her and that I love her. 

My heart hurts when I think about that time. Will she listen to this letter? If she does, I would like to tell this. I'm very sorry for what I did to you and my heart hurt because I hated my foolish self but now the past memory has settled beautifully. I would like to thank her for creating this memory. I decided to write this letter because I remembered it all of a sudden during class. I'd be grateful if my letter gets selected.

2008 September 5th
To Lee Jimin DJ

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