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I'm feeling shy.. I'm very grateful to Bang PD-nim, Vice president Yoo Jung-nim, Director Seokjoon-nim, Director Shin Gyu-nim and Director Chae Eun-nim for making it possible for us to release another full length album and I love you all.

Dad, mom and my younger brother and sister, thank you very much and you all worked hard. I love you.

And our manager hyungnims who always take care of us beside us, Hobeum hyung, Sejin hyung, Jungil hyung, Sungseok hyung, Yoonjae hyung, Soonhak hyung, Minhyuk hyung and Yoontaek hyung. 
Thank you for always working hard behind us to keep us in good condition.
And Management Support Team hyungs and noonas, Hyukgi hyung and Jaehoon hyung, thank you for always working hard ㅠ

Visual makes visual. Sunghyun hyung, Hyunjoo noona, Sunkyung noona, Gabriel hyungnim. I personally think I looked the best in the jacket (photo).
Head of department Dareum-nim, Head of department Jihye-nim, Head of department  Naejoo-nim, Hyunah-nim, Sulji-nim, Jinyoung hyung, Head of department Hajung-nim, Chaewon-nim, Haesoo-nim, Seoyeon-nim, I'm sending you many hearts.

Rookie development team noonas who only care about us and Sunjung noona, Mijung noona thank you very much. I hope you will pick many amazing people.
Business management noonas, and Head of department Hwisoon-nim who smiles every day. You really look like a flower when you smile.
No. 1 is our ARMY, Fan Marketing noonas, and our Lee Seul* noona who I think only survives on dewdrops every day, head of hr team Jaedong-nim, PR team, Sulhee noona, head of a&r Changwon-nim, Joohyung hyung, Bosung hyung, Wooyoung hyung- thank you very much for your hard work.
And our Woojung noona, Surin noona, Hyunji noon, Boonhong noona, Hayan noona who always stay with us, I love you all. hearts, hearts!!
And teacher Sungdeuk who I think works the hardest, I have a dream. I'm crazy about dancing so one day I guess I'll become a pro dancer. I believe this.

And all ARMYs who love me, I love you all very much and thank you hmm hmm heart heart heart heart heart I'm shy
Room Fence director, director Nam Hyunwoo please take care of us for a long, long, for ever
Hwarang family, you all worked hard and I love you

And every one on this Earth, please cheer up always even when things are bad~
And lastly our members Namjoon, Seokjin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Jimin and Jungkook, you are the people I trust the most in this world and depend on. You know I want to stay together with you and that I love my members, right??
It's "forever".

(이슬 = dewdrop)

Translated by PEACHISODA
Take out with full credits!

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