[PANN] 161002 I mean, what did our boys do to deserve this...

Look at all the confetti on stage. They should have cleaned the stage during the break they had after the closing they did for broadcast. seriously this is so bad...

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1. Seriously they're really inconsiderate. Let's just think that they're wanting our boys to walk on flower road ^^.. +27 -0 
(we call confetti "꽃가루" which literally means "flower powder/pollen")

Seriously if one of them fell down;;; I wouldn't have let them live +24 -0

3. I'm upset because our boys performed on stage covered by confetti used for another artist. I hope this doesn't happen to our boys or to any other artists as well +4 -0

4. But it did look like a real flower road. The confetti started flying around when they were dancing and I thought they were fairies +1 -0

5. I'm really pissed off because this happened to our boys but I wish this doesn't happen to other artists too... what is that seriously. SB* is really pissing off everyone. I wonder how the boys would have felt

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