[PANN] 161003 Member whose image has changed the most

I think it's Namjoon. I wasn't a fan since their debut so it's based on the videos I've seen so far but he used to be really charismatic, his powerful rap, controlled his members well and I could tell he was tensed. He's still our cool leader still but I think we get to see the cute and clumsy image of him behind the responsible leader's image. I'm not saying that he looks less tensed now but I think he looks more natural now? It's really nice to see...

He became the leader of the group that was formed because of him at a young age so I can't imagine how pressured he must have felt and the hardships he had to go through so I wish I could give him a hug without saying anything to him. When they debuted he was barely Jungkook's current age..

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1. I agree. To me it seemed like he would have been really worried when they had the be free incident after debuting as an idol when Namjoon was a rapper trainee. They used to say things like "He's wearing makeup because he's a boy idol", "He's like a girl" and other cra* and they looked down on him but Namjoon sacrificed himself for the fans and for his team and he's trying to discover his own colors. I think he has reached the point of compromise +26 -0

2. IKR I love clumsy silly Namjoon. I love him because he's so cute.... +24 -1

3. I really like the photos you picked for the post. I can feel similar vibe in them +24 -1

4. Joon, I think you were stressed out by many things in 2014. You know, standing between "idol" and "rapper". And then you performed at All Force One in 2015 and you gained popularity too. I think you've found the point of compromise.. I will always support every image of you, Joon~ +9 -0

5. Yes. I think Namjoon is really awesome. Seriously if I get to attend their fansign I want to tell him "Oppa, you've done so well until now. From now on, let's go through any future tough times together" +5 -0

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