[PANN] 161004 Don't you think Holly is a golden spoon puppy?

Holly gets to listen to Agust D's "Holy~" live and Suga-nim's hug. Holly gets to see Suga-nim in pajama or homestyle look. Holly gets all the loving pats from Min Yoongi-nim...

Holly is a golden spoon puppy. Min Holly is a successful puppy.

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Response +116 -2

1. We're only live once. Let's live like Holly. +36 -1

2. Honestly, life is just f***ing Holly way +30 -0
ㄴ wow my comment came top. this goes out to Holly.

3. So true. My life is no better than a dog's life... +13 -0

4. Who does it like Holly!!!!! +8 -0

5. ㅎㅎ +3 -0

(For the first time in my life, I want to become a dog)

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