[PANN] 161004 Jin's teaser photo that came out just now;; his visual is just

This isn't a teaser image of BTS Jin, it's more like a photoshoot

I think Jin's really pretty

I think Jin's really pretty

His visual is increasing

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1. I'm from another fandom and I think he's so flawlessly handsome. I always think this whenever I look at him but I think he has the actor face than an idol's so if he appears on a drama or a movie I think he's going to explode +189 -15

2. It's a hit. A hit. ♡ +152 -6

3. His hair is so pretty. Look +146 -5

4. I like him because his personality isn't like his visual. People wouldn't like him and find his visual not very attractive if he was arrogant because he knows how handsome he is. But he's smile is so cute and when I see him playing with my idol, they play like babies ㅋㅋ I heard he likes to eat and cook so I think he's going to be a very family person in the future. When I see him playing with BTS members, although he's the eldest he doesn't boss around because he's the eldest so I like that. And he's at a good university too. hmm so it looks like he's an UmChinAh (shortened form of 엄마친구의 아들 (mother's friend's son), best/perfect son who is always mentioned among mothers) +89 -0

5. He majors Film in Konkuk University but he didn't get any special admission because he's a celebrity. He was picked by his company while he was a university student. He didn't just get into the university like other celebrities. He worked hard to get accepted like any other student. This is why I like him more. +67 -0

6. Wow I heard this album's going to be a full length album? Perhaps that is the reason. The teasers are so high quality and I think the photos are beautiful. I saw V's teaser too and the props, outfit, his face and the editing... it was just awesome. BTS's company is small but I think they're one of the companies that work really well. The quality of their teaser photos are just amazing. I'm also a fan of an idol from a small company so I'm quite envious... My idol's company takes bad photos and their work is just sh** so.... +59 -0

7. Wow this is crazy +50 -0

8. I'm EXO L but seriously I died after seeing Jin.. I KNOW JIN'S REAL NAME TOO!! BECAUSE HE'S MY IDEAL TYPE. Seriously I was f***ing surprised after seeing the photo +48 -1

9. Look at his visual, his visual ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ can a man be this beautiful? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +44 -0

10. Ha.... +37 -0
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