[PANN] 161006 I think BTS's HYYH pt 1, pt 2 are real masterpieces

Personally I like the other songs in the album compared to the title tracks
I really loved and marveled at their stage quality and because they've picked great title tracks but
These title tracks felt more like "wow this song is really well made for an idol to promote", "it's really catchy" 
but the songs in the album really felt like youth
If you're in 20s, you will really sympathize with the lyrics and the emotions of the songs. The songs are really good ㅠㅠㅠ
I really loved the two intros. I could relate to both songs and the lyrics were really nice so I was shocked too. I also loved the directing...
Ma city, baepsae and Whalien 52 were unique songs for an idol group
I really liked how they talked about their hometown, satire of society and loneliness
They were unique and creative
I think their album really talked about youth just like the album title "HYYH" (most beautiful moment in life)
I loved every song in the album and they were impressive so I looked at their previous albums too and I was surprised because I liked them too
I could feel the transition from teenage to 20s from their albums
I thought I would have really sympathized with their previous albums if they had been  released during my teenage years so that made be a little sad too ㅠㅠ
Anyway in conclusion I think their albums are masterpieces ㅋㅋ
I really liked Winner's 1st album so I always picked theirs as the masterpiece album among idols
But I think I will continue listening to HYYH every year 
I like how they consistently talk about youth's emotions from the start til the end
I really, really love it but I have no place to tell this so I'm writing a post here!!

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Response +88 -5

1. Well, title tracks are important since it needs popular appeal so many people help them to finish title tracks. But as for other songs in the album, Bang PD doesn't get involved at all and he lets the members compose and write the songs as they like. I think that is why the members can talk about their stories through music which helps us sympathize more +22 -0

2. Oh I'm from another fandom and I really love Whalien 52 too +21  -0

3. Yeah, that's what I felt especially after listening to Part 2 title... It's not that I didn't like it but the other songs in the album were so good so it felt like it didn't shine enough? It's just my opinion +16 -0

4. I feel bad for Save ME.. the choreography and the song quality were just daebak! +14 -0

5. ohoh I'm just like OP too. I don't usually listen to idol albums (it's not that I dislike idols, it's just I'm not really interested in them) but I only listen to Winner's debut album and BTS's HYYH and Cypher.. +13 -0

6. This is true. BTS talks about their life story, experience and dreams which makes me love their songs more... these kids don't play around with music +11 -0

7. Persoanlly I listen to all songs in the album released by BTS and EXO. Especially BTS because I think it's because they participate in composing and writing their own songs. Their lyrics sometimes sound unsophisticated?? (not in a bad way. I mean they don't sound commercial). It's really like I'm watching some youth drama so their songs make me want to cry... I'm in late 20s and after listening to Tomorrow and Whalien52? I went to read my old diaries ㅜ ah! Shinee's new album is really good too. I love their teamwork~ +11 -0

8. I can see the group's own color from their music. Honestly idols tend to follow the trend and get songs from composers but when you listen to BTS's rap, you can tell it's a BTS song. They might lack a little in terms of general popularity but that's what I like about them... fyi, my younger sibling is ARMY so I'm really close from joining the fandom too ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +8 -0

9. BTS's album tracks are really nice. I really love Butterfly so I listened to other songs too and unlike other groups I thought they really captured their life experiences really well in their songs. I can't prove I'm a muggle but I really mean this +8 -0

10. All songs (except 2)  in HYYH pt 1  were composed by Yoongi. 1 was a song by Namjoon so Yoongi wrote the rap and the other one is Jungkook's song +6 -0

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