[PANN] 161006 Let's make this a pinned post) Things Eppis should pay attention to when album comes out!

✔ Listen to Blood Sweat & Tears first
-> It will then be placed #1 from 5 minute chart, right? Let's first listen to the title song before we listen to other tracks

✔ Start downloading around 12:30 AM (KST)
-> They count at 5 minute so it doesn't matter if you download earlier but after the 5 minute chart, the graph might drop so let's download around 12:30am so the graph can climb again!

✔ Play all the song according to the tracklist. But remember to play Blood Sweat & Tears only once. 
-> When you're listening for the first time, you should exclude 11th track (Blood Sweat & Tears) from the streaming list for all the songs until the 17th track (Interlude: Wings) to enter the chart.
⚠BUT remember to play the usual streaming list from 1AM!!

✔Remember to always listen to "FIRE"
->For the yearly chart you MUST!! listen to FIRE too!

✔ If you're on Melon, after downloading the song delete the song from the streaming list and then add the song back to the list
-> You can't stream downloaded songs so let's check if we're streaming correctly when we're streaming!

+Please spread this message on other sites and Twitter ㅠㅠㅠ

BTS 1 hour must streaming list

- Please include "FIRE" to your streaming list for the yearly chart
- Select "Repeat all songs" for your streaming list and stream 24 hours

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