[PANN] 161007 I wonder what Kim Taehyung would have thought during this time...

Ah, seriously. I would like to do an interview to ask him what he thought while looking at his reflection... ㅠ_ㅠ

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Response +125 -2

1. Thank you, Taetae parents... +32 -0

2. I think we can understand why Taetae wants to be a good son to his parents... I think I wouldn't know what to do if they gave me such beautiful face +16 -0

3. Yo my name is V~ I've dominated my opponent +14 -2

4. "I think I look good"?? +8 -1 

5. Looking cool~ +8 -1

6. Look at his smile, my heart just dropped.. it's not the usual smile... he's tearing my heart with his smile ㅠㅠ +7 -0

7. I'm so tired of saying this but he's so handsome +6 -0

8. I think he'd be like "look at him... look at this handsome guy..." +6 -0

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