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Hello. I'm someone who isn't an idol fan

BTS | ANON | 2016.10.07 22:28
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Hello. I'm just a normal person and I don't know if I can just write posts here but...
I work part time at a cafe and I felt healed after listening to BTS's songs so I came here to thank you guys
Our cafe plays songs in the music chart all day
And recently many BTS's songs climbed on the chart
I enjoyed the songs when they were played so I later searched the artist name
And the songs were by BTS...
I was searching online and I found they had many great songs. I didn't realize it until now
Among the customers who come to our cafe, I saw many people searching the songs on music identification app? when we play BTS songs
I heard they're going to comeback so please help their great songs to enter the chart so I could listen to them while working my part time. 
Their songs are my type

And I recently watched the teaser... it's daebak... anyway fans, fighting~

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