[PANN] 161008 + Why we have to do our best (please take a moment to read this ㅜㅜ

+ I'm really happy to see that many Eppis felt motivated and touched after reading this post. Just remember that our relation with BTS is more than an artist and a fan. We're being loved by our artist so let's make sure they reach higher and make them happier. Let's become a bigger part to BTS.

: First of all, thank you very much. We feel like our effort and hard work weren't useless and I can't help wondering how harder we should work in the future (laughs) since you guys gave us this meaningful present to us. We also thought about how harder we should work to repay you all. We will never forget this day. I think today is going to be the happiest day in our lives.

: Thank you for the amazing award. I believe we were able to win this because of our ARMYs support and love. I'm very grateful. We will continue to stay humble and present you with better stage and music so please wait for us (laughs) thank you.

: I'm really grateful to you all for believing in us and assisting us. I believe that improving ourselves to become better and cooler is the fastest way to repay you all. We will continue to work hard. Thank you.

: I think we should engrave "ARMY" to this award

: I think ARMYs are our driving force

: There were extremely difficult moments when we wanted to give up but I gathered strength by reading the letters posted by ARMYs on our official cafe.

: ARMYs are like the strength that pushes you from back when you're climbing a mountain to make the journey easier. But please don't just stay behind us. Let's walk together while holding hands.

: Thank you very much for helping us make a great start. We were able to accomplish this all because of our fans' love and support. It's all thanks to our ARMYs. We will have to work harder for our ARMYs (laughs) Thank you very much

: Wow, you guys really sparkle

: We got nominated for the 1st place. Being nominated itself is really... (hesitates) wow this is a honor. There's nothing I could ask for

: Thank you very much for the 1st place. Seriously, ARMYs  we love you always and we hope we could walk forward together. Wow, seriously I love you all.

: I think ARMYs are the first people. So many people work hard for us.. ah, seriously I think I should call each person to thank them. ARMYs, please send me your number (laughs) we will call you. We will send you a kakao talk message. Love you. Please check the cafe. I'll write a post. Thank you

: Thank you so much for coming here to watch us in this cold weather. And we're people too so it's normal for us to feel tired after performing two stages on one day but honestly we aren't tired. We gathered strength by watching you guys. We think your cheering really gives us strength.

: I was really worried when I heard that you guys were lining outside from early morning. What can I say, I felt blessed to be the person who you would come to line up in this freezing weather. And being able to stand on this large stage itself makes me feel alive. I think that is why you guys mean so much to me. Be careful not to catch a cold and I hope you all stay healthy

: Firstly, I felt very envious when I saw this lightsticks at broadcast stations (laughs) You can tell which fandom they belong to by their light stick. But I couldn't really see them clearly so I asked them for "twinkling mode" and everyone turned on their lightstick. My dream came true.

: I'm happy to be here together with you all. This is not the end of HYYH. HYYH will continue from now.

: ARMYs who are here right now are my treasure. ARMYs' ring finger belongs to me

: ARMYs' light guided us here. We're filled with gratitude and we wish we could preserve this light with you all. We want to be with you guys. HYYH without you all is meaningless to us.

: Thank you for cheering us continuously even when it might hurt your throat to do so. Thank you for supporting us. We will continue to become cooler. Thank you for liking us.

: We were really worried while preparing for the stage so thank you very much for loving our stage. I won't make a long speech. Thank you for being part of our most beautiful moment in life. Let's walk on flower road together. I love you.

: I think having our music in your most beautiful moment in life will make you happier. I wish you will continue to stay happy.

:  I always hope to stay together with you guys and I want to stay happy and create many beautiful memories. Thank you for making me smile always and I hope you will continue to smile more . Thank you.

: Please don't go anywhere and stay beside us always. Please do stay beside us.

:Thank you, for being us

Do you remember that day? That day when they couldn't really show their happiness. Let's make the boys proud. It's a long post but please read it. You will want to give the 1st place to our boys and make them win awards.

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