[PANN] 161008 WINGS streaming tutorial + other things we should do (must read)

Now let's say it's 12AM
Music video and the entire album will be available online but we need to start streaming the songs first
※ WE SHOULDN'T WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO! Let's leave the music video to International Armys!

If you have an extra computer or an extra mobile, you should use them to stream while watching the music video. Isn't that a good idea? 

Now I will create the list of things we should do!

1. As soon as they release the track online, go to the music site and search for the title track "피 땀 눈물" (Blood Sweat Tears) and listen to it. While listening to the title track, you should create your playlist.

Music video is important but you shouldn't be downloading the song yet! Because if all of us download during this time (that is sharp 12AM KST), we will have too many people downloading at the beginning so that is why we're asking you to start downloading 30 mins later, to distribute the number of downloads evenly!

At 12AM KST please stream like the above list! Excluding the song that has been removed by the white line (Blood Sweat Tears). You should just create a streaming playlist and stream it! 

2. Now 30mins have passed. Our streaming power would have reduced by now. During this time we should purchase the songs individually (each 600~700won) from the music sites. Eppis, it's okay if you use the music passes to download the tracks. You can all start downloading during this time. But remember, they said when we download/purchase songs individually they are reflected higher on the charts!

After downloading the songs from the music site, you should delete  the songs from the playlist and then add them again to your playlist. By doing this you will stream correctly. If you just stream without removing the songs from your playlist, you will not be streaming correctly because of the songs you have just downloaded! Remember this!!

So after downloading the songs at 12:30AM, go to "my files" (android) and you'll see "melon" folder and you'll find all the songs you've downloaded in it! You just have to move all the files to "Download"!! They say this reduces the chance of omission!

3. So it's 1AM KST now. Things will change now. You need to change your streaming list. Change the orders of the song just like the below photo and start streaming again.

1. Blood Sweat Tears
2. Intro 
3. Begin
4. Lie
5. Stigma
6. First Love
7. Reflection
9. Awake
10. Lost
11. Blood Sweat Tears
12. Fire
13. Cypher 4
14. Am I Wrong
15. 21st Century girl
16. Two! Three!
17. Interlude: Wings

Future streaming playlist will be planned out by the fan community site. We just need to follow this order for now!
I just elaborated some points but there are other important points too so please read them! 

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