[PANN] 161011 But how do fans of BTS have such strong mental?

I mean I'm just super curious. I think it was since last year? They (ARMYS) continuously posted explanation and clarifying posts everyday whenever they got dragged and humiliated in public on PANN. How can your mental be so strong..? Seriously I feel sorry for you guys. If I were you, my mental would have crushed like cookie crumbs and I wouldn't had been able to recover

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1. I was born with it but first of all, my singer holds me tight +351 -17

2. Our singer trusts in us and we trust in our singer so even during our hard times we feel strong... I think that's it... +248 -14

3. In May my mental really left me because there was no single day without a negative post. I would just go to Fan Talk board without looking at Pann (the main site).  That was a really hard time and when we came up with refutation posts the people who cornered us to the edge were like "is that so? forget about it if we were wrong.". And we didn't get any apology. After that it became a label and people on Twitter and other sites would call BTS plagiarism idol and there were so many people who didn't even read our clarifying or refuting postsㅋㅋ But after dealing with them we realized that they're just harassing BTS because they just want to without any reason. And BTS member told the fans to keep our heads up with confidence. Then after listening and reading the lyrics of "Cypher 4", "am I wrong" and fansong "2,3" from their second full album, I felt relieved. Nothing matters anymore and even if the haters continue to hurt us we won't shrink with fear or be hurt. We're going to keep on moving forward with strength. We decided we will no longer listen to their curses if they attack us for something we've never done. +211 -14

4. I think I went through a great growth pain in May. I was really not interested in idols until I joined BTS's fandom and it was my first fandom fight and whatnot so honestly it was really hard for me and I tear up when I think about itㅜ but now when I see a slandering post I go "whatever".. seriously they are pathetic people who refuse to listen to you no matter how many times you try to speak to them... they make me feel sympathetic  +64 -1

5. I know some of you would think it's cringeworthy for the boys to reply to us with their music but seriously you'll know when you read the lyrics. They know most of the moronic bullsh*t people say about them and seeing them comforting ARMYs really saves my mental. +55 -1

6. May was the worst. I really thought I was going lose my mind back then f*** anyway what's really f***ing funny is that I feel okay when I see BTS. Actually I began to like them more after all the bullsh*t and we became more stronger. I will be a BTS fangirl forever. They're really lovely people. +62 -1

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