[PANN] 161011 My boyfriend watched BTS's music videos and said ㅋ

Exactly at this part of the video

Boyfriend: Wo~ah! oh!! wow (curses) he's f***ing handsome

And he kept exclaiming repeatedly ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

He said he would like to look like V at least for a day ㅋ

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Response +192 -63

1. I'm a girl and even I think think to myself how would it feel like to live with a face like that... ha... +67 -2

2. I'm a guy and I'll honestly say it here. When fans wrote posts to recruit more fans with his photos and when I saw him with longer hair I just thought he's similar to other idols but after cutting his hair sort he's f***ing handsome. He's f***ing handsome in a manly way and he doesn't look like a poncy. I wish he keeps this hair style ㅠ I'm jealous about his nose and eyebrows +65 -2

3. Even guys find BTS handsome so imagine what a girl like me would feel... ㅋ +62 -4

4. The first thing they say is "it's a fan recruiting post" when someone posts about BTS ㅋㅋㅋ There are so many negative posts so why don't you leave your comments there too? Some might think you have fluoroscope installed in your eyes when~ they~ see~ your action~ +23 -5

5. I think V looks handsome the more you look at him. His T-Zone is a killer +11 -1

6. Even my friend who is a guy really likes V... he said he would like to live with his face for a day.. +9 -3

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