[PANN] 161015 I think Suga is really cool

I saw this on Twitter but seriously I am a fan of BTS but I just learned this today and I feel like a fool... I think he's a really cool person to create such thing in high school
This is the original post written by Suga before his debut

(I've translated this post recently, you can read it here)

Original post here
Response +616 -19

1.  I think posts like this should go on Selected Talk ranking... +129 -0

2. He even left a comment... +124 -0

Gloss | 2010.05.17 19:14  +210 -1
I hope many of you show interest. 

sergeant forever| 2010.05.22 +67 -0
I like it.. I live in Gwangju and I think you did a great job ㅎ If every high school student were born back 30 years ago during 5.18... I could tell you that 90% of us would do the same. That shows how many of us are still passionate and furious about the 5.18.  Gwangju Uprising.. I hope people don't forget this always 

To Yoongi who I love | 2015.07.21 | 18:37 +45 -0
I'm proud of you, Yoongi for making such song with such great meaning. I'm so happy these days because you're being praised for your talent and personality. I'm sure it's possible because of your effort and I'm grateful for your hard work even during BTS's unpopular days but at the same time it makes me worried. Yoongi, my heart flutters when I just hear your name and I find all your actions sweet and lovable and I'm so proud to be ARMY. Yoonig, thank you so much for being BTS and thank you very much for working hard until now♡ Let's continue working harder without changing our hearts. Let's stay together with ARMYs for long time. Thank you for existing and I love you♥ BTS let's succeed more. Namjoon, Seokjin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook, I love you all♥ 

3. He speaks so well too ㅠㅠ +119 -0

"Media represents the standard of beauty with "how skinny one is" and push us with mediaplay. But there are people who die from starvation in the other side of the earth. Don't you think we should focus more on them? If I could become such influential person and a confident person, I believe that maybe I could make people pay attention to things like that.

So how close are you to the ideal person you have in mind?
10%? I'm still far behind. I should become cooler.

4. I'm so proud, so proud, so proud... Yoongi hyung... +38 -0

Ever since I started music, I've never played with music nor do I plan on playing with it. I mean I didn't start music so easily (chuckles) trust in me and follow me. I will present you guys with enough good music 

5. Yoongi is a great Daegu person +36 -1

6. Heol post like this should go up on Selected Talk... How many people would write such thing in high school... when you go to school you see friends talking about othe friends or celebrities or run to the  cafeteria ㅋㅋ we only think of ways to have fun... I've been supporting him ever since I listened to his mixtape and he's so cool ㅠㅠ +36 -0

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