[PANN] 161016 Birth flower of groups according to their date of debut

Everyone knows their date of debut but I think it's rare to see someone interested in the birth flower. I really love flowers ㅠㅠ so I tried searching online and there were few familiar and unfamilar flowers. Try searching your birth flower too. It's quite fun ㅎㅎ

the order is according to the date!

BTOB (debut: March 21st)
Honey-Plant : Start of life

EXO (debut: April 8th)
Broom : love for all people

B1A4 (debut: April 23rd)
Balloom-Flower : kind and warm

VIXX (debut: May 24th)
Heliotropium : Love will last forever

Shinee (debut: May 25th)
Pansy : Pure love

Seventeen (debut: May 26th)
Olive tree : Peace

Infinite (debut: June 9th)
Sweet Pea : elegant memory

BTS (debut: June 13th)
Fox Glove : thoughts inside heart

Beast (debut: October 16th)
Moss Rose : innocent and naive

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1. oh the flowers really suit the artists well. I'll attach gif of sebongs who are peaceful today and tomorrow♡ +34 -0

2. The meanings are really pretty! thoughts in mind ㅋㅋㅋ +14 -2

3. I've seen many idol related posts but birth flower! the flowers are beautiful and their meanings are beautiful too. VIXX, love will last forever... thanks for the nice post!! I'll present you with VIXX photo! +12 -0

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