[PANN] 161016 Clarifying the suspicions of BTS second album WINGS sajaegi

(Firstly) Explanation on Hanteo Chart System for people who don't know about Hanteo Chart system.

Brief Summary

1. The sales volume sent by affiliated stores (record stores) to Hanteo might be different from the actual point of sale at the record store. 
(If the affiliated store is busy on that day, they might send the total sales volume at once or they might send the data after their closing hour)

2. Hanteo adds all the sales volume sent by their affiliated stores and they revise and calculate this volume and update their chart every 20 minutes. 
(At times, they make mistake during their totaling process so a set of numbers might vanish or not be added to the total which results them adding these figures at the same time later)


The sale is counted real time (X)
ex) 5000 copies exploded (added to the chart) in just 30 minutes -> 5000 copies sold in 30 minutes (X)

Hanteo's concept is totaling the volume of sales they get in real time. That means, you can't say that the real time chart represents the real time sales volume. (O)

 Especially in the case of online stores, they don't send the sales record to Hanteo "at point of sale". They send the sales volume to Hanteo "at the point of release/delivery" so sales volume from various stores are transferred to Hanteo at once after "releasing the copies" -> only then Hanteo updates their chart.

It's usual to not be able to prove when the figures increase suddenly at once on weekdays when the online stores usually release/deliver their orders. 
They enter the figures at the same time so even the albums bought by individuals can increase the figures at once.
This happens on the first day when the stores receive high number of orders so from 10AM to 11PM the figures keep exploding continuously

BTS <WINGS> Pre-sales volume

*Pre-sales volume is added to the official sales volume after they're delivered starting from the day of the release of the album

*Synnara, KTOWN4U and other record stores: Aladin, Yes24, Cool Track, Hot Track, YesAsia, etc
The album was #1 on Taiwan "5Music" site's Korean and Japanese artists album chart Weekly Chart #1 (market percentage - 78.22%)

#1 on Asian Category Weekly Chart on Taiwan "chia chia record"

"Cool Track" Weekly Chart #1, #2, #3 (pink chart)

YesAsia best seller in 90 days #1, #3, #6, #9

"Korean Mall" Weekly Chart #1, #2, #17

The above charts are online record stores that sell Korean albums to International fans. All sales volume  from above sites are counted by Hanteo Chart.

 Oct 10~15th Hanteo progress

1) As for BTS, fans could enter the fansign event on Synnara by purchasing during Pre-Sale period so they sold over 130,000 copies on Synnara alone.

As for October 10th, source for the majority of the sales volume for the day were revealed  because more than 100,000 copies were released on Synnara alone.

Excluding the sales volume of Synnara, about 36,000 copies include the orders taken by other record stores like Aladdin, Yes24, KTown4U, etc so the sales(delivery) seems reasonable.

2-1) As for 11th 15:30~16:00 when the famous incident "40,000 copies sold in just 30 minutes?" in reality 39,25* copies were updated at once (as we have mentioned above, that isn't the number of copies sold in 30 minutes.)

If we assume this figures as sajegi

11th sales volume - suspicious figures (=46,42*) < 11th Synnara delivery/sales volume (at least 50,966 copies) 
 so the calculation is incorrect

Therefore, if we consider the stock, the supply released by Synnara is just a portion of the supply. It's reasonable to consider that remaining supply has been entered additionally at different hours.
(*As for Hanteo's sales volume, they present us with the estimated figure of how many copies it would have been sold considering the revised sales volume sent by their affiliated stores and the sales volume of unaffiliated stores.)

3) About 10,000 copies were updated at once on 13th which was the entry closing day for SoundWave Fansign and it was the day when 12,000 copies were released on Synnara alone. There's high possibility of only one of these 2 records being entered. 
(*Usually as for idol fansign events, many fans enter (buy albums) on the closing day to increase their chances.
*As for Synnara, they send all of their sales volume data after handling their deliveries.)

4) Excluding group order by "BTSdotcom", 
about 14000 copies were most fans purchased the album to enter the fansign event

(As for BTS, fans could enter fansign by pre-sale and they had fansigns from the 2nd day of the album's release) Individuals purchased their copies

Therefore, it's absurd to ask for our receipts
(For example, the group order organized by "BTSdotcom" didn't give out raffle tickets for the fansign so 120,000 copies from  136, 000 (approximately) were all purchased by individual fans to enter the fansign event)

 Refutation for suspicion on "Album didn't sell offline"

As for 10th, it was the first day so most of the offline stores didn't get their supply and only some of the stores received the album supply

After 5 days since the release of the album, majority of the online pre-sale has been deliveries 
And most of the sales volume were from offline stores to enter fansign events

Refutation for tampering "BTSdotcom" group purchase receipt

We were accused of "tampering group order receipt" because the date on the receipt said "2016 October 7th" which was before the release of the album and someone stated that it was different compared to the current receipts of Synnara but Synnara replied many times, "receipts will show the payment date".


Is it possible for the receipt to show the date and time I want when I make group order payment?

This is Synnara Record
"Receipt will show the payment date"

Evidence to show 100,000 copies of BTS second full album were purchased by individuals without group order

▶ BTS's pre-order period: 2016 Sept 28th to 2016 Oct. 09
At least 136,462 copies were sold only at Synnara

▶ Synnara real time graph slowly climbs when individuals purchase albums. The graph rises steeply only when there's a group order because the sales volume will add up at once.

The real time graph updates every 30 mins, unlike Hanteo and Synnara daily chart the figure changes immediately when customer makes their payment.

▶ As for BTS second full album, other than 7 days of group order made in Korea the figure in the graph raised without any steep rise. 
=> This means that all purchases were made by individuals. Other than one group order, there hasn't been any bulk purchase.

▶  attaching the graphs during the pre-sale period

 > We replaced the 9th chart with 22:00 because we didn't have 24:00
> All red graph shows the progress of BTS album. Only on 9th they are represented with green as they're 2nd
> Figure for each block on the graph changes every day. 

▶ Other than the domestic group order (13,763 copies) on 7th (yellow circle) the graph climbed steadily. The mentioned group order recipe has been revealed.
=> Albums were bought by individuals and no bulk purchase. 
(Group order X Sajaegi X)
Synnara's exclusive online fansign entry period was 6 days
It was impossible for the group order to receive fansign raffle tickets so more individuals purchased their own copies.

▶ Before the group order (~6th) was placed, at least 113,989 copies were purchased by individuals.

Therefore, 141,60* copies on 10th Hanteo/ 85,67* copies on 11th will not be a problem if we consider other online/offline record stores.
Majority of the figures are from Synnara pre-order supply.

Hanteo doesn't enter the figures at the point of online sales. It's the point of release. 
Online distributors will deliver their orders at once and then enter this record so it's obvious for the figures to "explode" at once.

There's no reason for us to prove with group order receipts or line up in stores offline.

The point of this post is that we wanted to prove that high figures over 100,000 copies can be sold by individuals and that the figures can change rapidly in a short period (on 12th) when online orders are released at once to be delivered. 
Plus, Hanteo manually enters the offline figures and they often enter the figures at once so this can rapidly increase the volume thus you can't call it sajaegi. 

+proves to rebut accusations of offline power+

핫트랙스 광화문점(품절) [Hot Tracks Gwanghwamun branch - Sold out]

핫트랙스 잠실점(품절) [Hot Tracks Jamsil branch - Sold out]

핫트랙스 창원점(품절) [Hot Tracks Changwon Branch - Sold out]

핫트랙스 부산점(G아주아주 소량있음) [Hot Tracks Busan Branch - They have very few copies]

핫트랙스 천안점(품절) [Hot Tracks Cheunahn - Sold out]

핫트랙스 디큐브 시티점: 전화연결 되지 않음 [Hot Tracks DCube City Branch - couldn't reach them]

핫트랙스 전주점(품절) [Hot Tracks Jeonju - Sold out]

핫트랙스 울산점(품절) [Hot Tracks Ulsan - Sold out]

핫트랙스 해운대점(품절) [Hot Tracks Haeundae - Sold out]

핫트랙스 대전점(품절) [Hot Tracks Daejeon - Sold out]

핫트랙스 수유점(품절) [Sold out]

핫트랙스 강남점(품절) [Sold out]

핫트랙스 안양점(I,G세개씩 있음) [They have 3 of I and G]

핫트랙스 분당점(품절) [Sold out]

핫트랙스 목동점(품절) [Sold out]

핫트랙스 영등포점(품절) [Sold out]

핫트랙스 판교점(재고 20개정도) [About 20 copies left]

핫트랙스 동대문점(품절) [Sold out]

핫트랙스 일산점: 전화 연결 되지 않음 [Couldn't reach them]

핫트랙스 송도점(재고 20개정도) [About 20 copies left]

핫트랙스 광교점: 앨범 팔지 않음 [They don't sell the album]

핫트랙스 대구점(품절) [Sold out]

++ recording can be a problem when a third party record it. it's not a problem when the person recording is also speaking in the record.++

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Response +527 -48

1. They say the group is failing when they don't sell many albums and the accuse them of sajaegi when they sell many copies. seriously what should we do... +199 -0

2. Now I'm scared of ARMYs ㅜㅜ (I don't mean this in a bad way) Seriously their rebutting post is so logical it shows us how they've been attacked all this time... their idol is achieving best results after their comeback but they still have to write posts like this... +184 -1

3. Please buy more albums of your own idol without accusing other idols of sajaegi. I think I've seen so many accusation posts since BTS's comeback. But I think ARMYs are handling well this time. +169 -1

4. ARMYs on PANN might not be aware but yesterday and the day before other sites went crazy because of this issue. We posted this today because we knew that stupid post will come to PANN soon so please don't delete this post. +42 -0

5. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ now BTS is not a nugu group ㅋㅋ they're all over news and everywhere so even if you want to ignore them you can't ㅜ anyway it's amazing how you collected all the evidence +41 -0

6. There's only one reason why we can clarify with facts. It's because BTS didn't do sajaegi. +35 -0

7. I don't get why BTS is being underestimated and why some of you can't believe their achievement without reading posts like this... I really loved their song "danger"so I listen to their song once per day... anyway I love BTS's Cypher and their power songs +32 -1

8. You have no idea how wicked and stupid these antis are. They took photos at offline Hot Track branches when there weren't many people at the stores ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ and said "but this place is so free" "isn't bts a sajaegi group?" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ and then they accused the group order receipt to be tampered ... they even showed proofs of withdrawing the money... I think they have mental problems +28 -0

9. It's good to clarify properly about sajaegi. Please don't delete this post. +26 -0

10. I'm from another fandom and I think OP sounds like an expert. I can't believe there are people accusing you of sajaegi still. I feel bad to see posts like this during every comeback +25 -0

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