[PANN] 161016 Wow International ARMYs are making me really teary

I was looking through the comments under Blood Sweat & Tears music video and I saw an eye catching phrase so I read it [European ARMY just woke up. American ARMYs you can go to sleep we'll be keeping the work going. good job.] Many replied to this comment and said they were ARMYs from other countries and they'll be working together. Seriously I feel so bad and I got chills when I thought about I-ARMYs counting on K-ARMYs for streaming music... this is no joke seriously

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Response +184 -1

1. I think we should call them Internationalovlies (International + lovely) instead +23 -0

2. I think they are so much cooler than fansite masters who buy hundreds of albums to enter the fansign event only to put headbands on boys' heads and take photos. We're all from different countries but I believe that we have same mind and that we're on the same page. ARMYs all over the world, let's fighting everyone♡♡ +22 -1

3. We shouldn't be calling names and hating them. K-ARMYs should stream with effort ㅠㅠ I like international fans who try to help us by streaming like this rather than K-Armys who don't do anything +11 -0

4. I really think we could have lined up the charts with the songs from the album everyday if international fans could stream on melon ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +6 -1

5. wowㅜ I think I should be a fulltime BTS fan and part time ARMY fan.. how can they be so sweet! ♥  I should learn from them and stream harder ㅎㅎ +4 -0

6. BTS was the first (boygroup) to rank 62nd place on UK chart +4 -0

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