[PANN] 161018 V cried at their fansign event

But why did he cry?? Does he cry easily?? He was crying sadly...

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1. I think he cried after reading what the fan wrote inside the album but no one knows what it was about. It could be the fan's personal story so we agreed not to mention this on Fan Talk board~ Even the other fans and fansite masters who were there on that day don't know what happened. Only the fan and Taehyung know the story! +190 -3

2. When someone who doesn't easily cry cries you feel more emotional.. I'm not a fan but I feel sad +174 -3

3. Right. I'm a fan and I was confused because I saw him crying after a very long time since their early debut days... He was quite teary during the concert but he said he's good at fighting back tears and he didn't really cry. I wonder why he cried ㅠㅠ aigoo +170 -4

4. They said he held her hand for some time after reading. I assume it's a personal story of the fan. We're not sure too so please delete the post. No guessing please +70 -0

5. The reason why fans are asking OP to delete the post is because he started to cry while signing that fan's album and he also held her hands tightly before  leaving the place for some time. Fansite masters don't know what really happened and this could be because of that fan's personal story but there are so many weird guesses going around and now we have people making up rumors using personal stories. So fans decided to not talk about this on fantalk. When this post came up we asked the OP to take it down after explaining the reasons but now it's one of the Selected Talks. Please take the post down ㅠㅠ +34 -0

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