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1. Wow since our singers have great teamwork and are like a family, even their fans are... I think this is one of the reason why BTS is successful. Members take care and cherish one another, and I think that makes it possible for them to produce great songs +29 -0

2. Eppi, you are doing something like me ㅎㅎ I think it's a blessing to be able to speak Korean and English, also I think it's important for us to help our ARMYs communicate together ㅎ aigo I'm proud of our eppi ♡ Let's strengthen up +12 -0
ㄴOP and eppis like her help all of us from hidden places ♡ 

3. K-ARMYs and I-ARMYs, let us both become a proud fan to BTS. These days I'm really grateful to International ARMYs. Although we're from different countries, nationalities, culture, age and we don't know each other very well and live far apart, I just realized again that we're all walking the same path with same intentions for a group we all love...  I wish we could all hold hands together and stay together forever in this most beautiful moment in life❤ Eppi, thanks! 

4. I think where we live, our age and things like that don't matter. I believe that our love for BTS is the chain that connects the ARMYs around the world. Though our nationality, age and ideas might be different, I'm sure our love (for BTS) is same. Even Korean ARMYs are grateful to International ARMYs. I think the efforts made by international ARMYs also made it possible for BTS to enter their name in the international charts. I hope you all know that Korean ARMYs love and care a lot about International ARMYs too. Let's keep flying higher and higher "together" with BTS who will have more better days. I love you ❤ 

5. The last 3 years was a great journey for ARMYs ♡ We will keep on supporting you +2 -0

6. Although we speak different language, live in different places, look different and we can't meet, thank you for only thinking about BTS and being a great strength to Korean ARMYs. Thank you for staying together with us. Let's stay together for a long, long time. 

7. You're the Eppi who wrote that post few days ago, right? Thank you so, so much for posting the letters. I was actually waiting for them ㅎㅎ
BTS was able to accomplish such results in other countries solely because of the efforts made by International ARMYs...
I want to tell you guys that we really appreciate your help!
I felt so relieved as if I just punched those people who looked down on BTS because they're idols whenever I saw news about BTS on the news ㅎㅎ
Sometimes I read comments on Youtube but my English isn't great so I was often frustrated but when I see International ARMYs, they feel like real soldiers and I feel reassured ㅎㅎ
Thank you OP for translating in between us and please tell them that I'm grateful and that I will always love them~♡ +2 -0

8. I really enjoyed reading each and every letter. Although we're from different countries and we don't know each other's faces or names, I'm happy to see that we're all united under the name "BTS". We will do our very best so International ARMYs, I hope you will work hard too! I felt strange when I saw International ARMYs communicating to each other in the comment section. International ARMYs always felt like people who were far away from us but I realized that even they want to present good results to the boys just like us. I'm always grateful to you all and let us become the WINGS for BTS! ♡ +2 -0

9. Guys, we need to stream harder after reading things like this...

10. I often wondered "How do International ARMYs like BTS?" because there aren't many opportunities to connect with International ARMYs and I'm really touched after reading the letters. BTS was able to achieve the great results in other countries thanks to International ARMYs. Thank you very much. Thanks to International ARMYs, the boys got to appear on the news and they became a great issue in Korea. I think this is going to act as a steppingstone for the boys to grow bigger. Korean ARMYs will run on their feet in Korea to support BTS as much as the International ARMYs who will be supporting them from far so let's cheer up and do our best to support BTS. Seriously I'm really grateful to International ARMYs and Korean ARMYs. Love you ♡ +2 -0

11. Eppi, thank you so much ♡♡♡♡ I can feel that BTS is now gradually becoming a core in other countries so I feel like I should do my best to learn foreign languages... I really wish I could translate this and that and communicate with International ARMYs if I could speak English like you ... I've seen some International ARMYs misunderstanding BTS's actions because they're not aware of Korean culture ㅠㅠ I'm really jealous of our English speaking Eppi and thank you .♥ Honestly, I feel bad to International ARMYs in many ways. Our boys don't really promote  a lot in other countries compared to your support and you also do your best to stream despite the language barrier, you guys also write lovely comments and do many other things to promote BTS and I was very touched when I saw them... We, Korean ARMYs wish we could make more effort and stream harder and get rid of the haters but it's not so easy as we thought.. ㅠㅠㅜ Eppi, please continue this connection. Korean ARMYs were really, really touched by the passion of International ARMYs and could you please tell them that we're grateful and also that we're sorry...? +1 -0

12. I saw US ARMYs handing over the streaming duty to UK ARMYs who woke up when it was night for them and I was really grateful. I was very grateful how you guys trusted in Korean ARMYs and worked hard to stream music video because you can't stream songs. I was very happy to see the boys enter Billboard and UK Charts. We hope we could present them a prize. International ARMYs would understand that we've tried our best too when we accomplish this, right? Thank you +1 -0

13. Eppi thank you ㅠㅠ Despite our distance, country and language, our minds are connected and I think this is touchingㅠㅠㅠㅠ♡ +1 -0

14. I live every day realizing that BTS wouldn't have been able to grow this big without you guys~ Thank you for always thinking about our boys and doing your best to support them ♡ㅅ♡!! I hope you remember that your hard work is acknowledged by Korean ARMYs and BTS! So, I hope BTS and ARMYs to only have good days~ (I hope you could tell them this +3 -0

15. To International ARMYs, I think International ARMYs really helped us a lot with Youtube mass streaming and Billboard. As a fan, I'm really proud and happy to be able to present a record to our singer. They're results in Korea was a bit lower but we will do whatever it takes to make them win #1 so please don't worry. Thank you always. You guys must be living in far countries but I wish good health and happiness to all International ARMYs. Please help us increase the view of Dope music video too. Let's go for one hundred views...♡ I can feel our passion dropping down +1 -0

16. I think it's very fortunate how we all like the same artist. Thank you always +3 -0

17. I'm grateful and so proud of you guys for doing something greater than we thought was possible! To like someone, that reason alone makes it possible for us to share happiness, sadness and unite too. It's a very pleasant thing. We're all looking at the same direction although we might be living in different countries, right? Wherever we live, we can be one under the name "ARMY"! I always gain strength by reading Youtube comments!! Thanks!! ♡ +4 -0

18. (bookmarks)

19. (To International ARMYs) I'm very touched. I never felt a sense of belonging before when I hear about foreigners liking Kpop idols because many of them liked a number of idols at once but I learned something for sure! I was really surprised while reading Youtube comments. I thought "there are so many International ARMYs"... We may look different, speak different language and we might not be standing in the same country but we're one because we're looking at the same sky!! ㅎㅎ Thank you for always caring about BTS and for cherishing them. As a fan like you, I'm grateful but what can I say... thank you for making me realize the incredible power of love across borders. I wish International ARMYs, Korean ARMYs and BTS to not be sick and be always healthy. And there are many people who hate BTS and ARMYs but we are "ARMY"! Let's overcome them bravely. luv u all <3 +1 -0

20. If you could send my message, please do tell them that BTS loves ARMYs and it doesn't matter if we're Korean or International fans. While reading the comments I saw that many International fans misunderstood and thought BTS only likes Korean ARMYs. And thanks Eppi +1 -0

21. After reading the below letter and letters OP eppi posted for us,  I feel really reassured to know that we trust and depend on each other while sharing the same intentions for the people we love and support sincerely despite how far we live, how we look, our different nationalities, age and when we don't know anything about each other... I really love BTS and Korean eppis but if I fall in love with International eppis too... I won't be able to escape from this place (shakes my head) Let's work a bit more harder, make more effort and do our best. Fighting, thank you 우리가 돼줘서 (for being us) ㅠㅠㅠ ❤ +1 -0

22. Let's walk on flower road and pine road too, just the two of us, ARMYs and BTS~ I feel very reassured because of BTS and Eppis. It doesn't matter if you're living abroad because we all want our BTS to walk on the same road. I hope we could continue to trust and depend on each other. +1 -0

(T/N: pine road = fresh air, great scenery, refreshing, refreshing~)

23. I choked while reading this.. I thought about this as soon as I read the post - International ARMYs are really doing their best and they're supporting hard too. International ARMYs stream hard almost like us so if we keep streaming hard we will be able to enter the top 5 spots and if we work harder I believe we can help them win Daesang. Let's work a bit more harder!! +2 -0

24. I think we feel the same way no matter where we are. I'm happy because I can feel your sincerity in each and every word. It's so sad to know that Eppis can't talk to each other face to face but I think some International Eppis would smile and their heart would flutter when they read these comments. I'm quite very sad because I can only feel your hearts by these hard letters but just like the lines from Whalien 52, I believe that our minds will reach til the other side of the Earth. +1 -0

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26. I'm fangirling/boying for the first time and I'm wondering if I could ever find fans like this... +5 -0

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28. (bookmarks)

29. (bookmarks) ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

30. (could you please send them my messageㅠㅠ?) Hi, I'm ARMY from Korea. I read your letters written to us and I was very touched. I was just surprised when I learned that there are people from different countries who like BTS besides Koreans and I felt there was a distance between us because we speak different language but now I think we're very close. I think although we're from different countries and speak different language, and our love for BTS is the same. I enjoy watching BTS music video reaction videos so I look them up often and whenever I watch them I feel like I'm a step closer to International ARMYs because I realize that even you guys feel what I feel. I feel so close. Thanks for loving and showing interest to BTS. I know that you guys do your best to help BTS by streaming and in other ways too! Thanks +4 -0

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33. (bookmarks) 

34. First of all, thank you so much for preparing such post. And I hope you deliver our message to International fans too! That we're grateful. I'm very grateful beyond this word but thank you very much and thank you for working hard for BTS. Although we might be from different countries and can't communicate due to language barrier, our minds are connected!! Because we're all ARMYs!! Thank you for believing in us ♡ I hope you and all of us always have great days ahead of us! have a nice day!! thx :) <3

35. ah I'm tearing ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ these Eppis ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ you guys are all so lovely like your names ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ how can you all speak so sweetly ㅠㅠ I love you, doesn't matter if you're Korean Eppi or International Eppi ㅠㅠㅠ 

36.  (bookmarks) ㅠㅠㅠ

37. I think this could be called a miracle, how people from all over the world come together because of BTS and share the intention, comfort and encourage each other as well. I'm tearing ㅎㅎ sighs ㅎㅎ As a Korean ARMY living in Korea, I think I should make more effort to do things that can be done more easily compared to International ARMYs!! Fighting!! 

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39. My heart feels fluffy and warm after reading the compliments and comforting words eppis tell each other even when we don't know where we're from or our age, gender, personality or our faces :)

40. This makes me teary ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ (bookmarks) ㅠㅠ 

41. It could have been nice if you could post the original letters too but.. ㅠㅠ this is really nice (bookmarks) 

+the very first comment on this post was posted by me, to prove that I was streaming. that's what Pann eppis do these days to encourage posters to stream more!
++ I didn't translate these comments according to best comment order, instead it's from oldest to newest
+++ One of the comments mentioned about me posting few days ago XD it really was me haha I wasn't sure if I had to post our letter in "BTS" board or "Eppi" board XD and they said I could post this on BTS board haha

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