[PANN] 161024 Hello. This is a post from BTS Fantalk board

Hello. I'm ARMY from BTS fantalk board.

First of all, this happened on another site but as ARMY, I would like to express my deep regrets and I also feel responsible. I'm writing this post to all the fandoms who were mentioned. (in the mentioned site)

The site BTSdotcom which is mentioned in the proof pictures is a fanpage that was built last June, aiming to become the "hub home" so this site is not managed by the artist's company.

(T/N: Hub home = main community site for the fandom. they organize group orders or anything that represents the fandom.)

Furthermore, we have emailed and sent tweets to admins of BTSdotcom asking for feedback.  We are planning to write another post as soon as we receive their feedback about the truth behind  relevant posts and if these posts are still available on the site. 

We request feedback regarding the hub home related incident

Hello. I would like to notify you that the posts which slandered other artists and belittled medium and small entertainment companies are causing  controversy on other community sites. It's mentioned in the site rules that members can't talk about things that draw an analogy about other singers but some of the members still slandered other artists by addressing them indirectly, belittled the quality and general popularity of medium-small companies, and these posts are reasons behind this controversy. We would like to get a feedback from BTSdotcom and from the ARMYs who are members of the site. Moreover, I hope you will respond to this issue soon because, in order to become a member of your hub home, ARMYs had to go through an official verification process to be a part of the site...

Please make a feedback soon.

I'm sorry to be sending such email to the staffs of BTSdotcom who are always hardworking. I'm writing this emails because there were posts in the FREE section of the site that slandered other artists and these posts were brought up in other community sites causing disputes and making other fandoms disappointed in ARMYs. I hope you give a feedback soon. 


Please make a feedback regarding this issue. Please I'm asking you. This is a serious problem.

Please give a fast feedback

Hello, currently posts from BTSdotcom are creating a dispute. 
I ask you for feedback.
Please let us know if these posts were written on BTSdotcom or not.
If it's true that these posts were posted on your site, please do make a feedback soon telling us how you handled this problem.
This issue is growing bigger and bigger.
I believe that BTSdotcom's decision to make a fast feedback or not will make a huge difference to this situation.
Currently, we are waiting for your feedback so please check your mail.

I'm requesting for feedback regarding mentioning other artists on BTSdotcom

I'm requesting for feedback regarding mentioning other artists on BTSdotcom

I'm not a member of BTSdotcom so I'm not sure but I do know that currently these posts have been returned. I ask you to make a feedback for the controversy that arose in BTSdotcom. I'm worried that this issue caused by some ARMYs or Attention Seekers might affect BTS who are actively promoting right now and other ARMYS as well. Please give a feedback soon.

Please make a feedback. (Please do read this)


Please read this post carefully after following the link. We are very confused too after hearing about this suddenly. In the link, it says that these posts are originally from BTSdotcom (BTS hub home). Please check if the person who wrote that post is ARMY or an Attention Seeker and I hope you make a feedback. Fans on Nate PANN Fantalk are earnestly waiting for your feedback. I hope you make a feedback soon after checking out this problem.

Thank you.

Original post here
Response +334 -94

1. We're asking them for feedback so please be patient. Even Fantalk board is trying to understand what's going on. +199 -19

2. As an ARMY, I deeply regret and feel responsible about this issue and I will try to make get a feedback very soon. +191 -22

3. Fans from other fandoms, please wait a moment. We will do our best to take care of this. +164 -20

4. Seriously ARMYs are making feedbacks day and night... I hope you guys bring good result!! I understand. Stay strong ㅎㅎ +31 -21

5. ah.. I was watching BTS fantalk board earlier (I was quite annoyed...sorry) and I could tell that they were confused by the posts too and they kept warning each other not to make any solo move until they are certain about the issue because they had made mistakes before... There are many immature fans but generally the ARMYs on PANN are always ready to solve problems so I think we should wait without pushing them. +83 -2

6. I think what they're doing right now is right. Hub home wasn't created by Fantalk members. So I'm sure they (fantalk eppis) wouldn't have known this situation until they saw the post on Enter Talk and it looks like they're understanding the situation now so it's not really their fault... I see you guys trying to tear the fantalk ARMYs.. The ones who made the hub home should be blamed. I can prove I'm from another fandom +78 -7

7. Yeah. I was honestly really pissed off after reading the earlier post but all fandoms have immature fans so I think it's right for us to wait. Honestly, we did fight a lot with BTS fandom but they also had hard times and they have nice fans too who tried to explain their story so let's wait without trying to tear each other!! Let's not turn into Attention Seekers.. I hope they release a feedback without ignoring. +67 -3

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