[PANN] 161024 Jin's aegyo overflowing with cuteness

It's BTS Jin and he's too cute 

Original post here
Response +384 -175

1. Do you really think we're here to post fan recruiting posts? Didn't the OP post this so we'd get attacked again? ;; seriously enough is enough +100 -5

2. I really hope people don't think this was written by ARMY. We agreed to not make decisions on our own and I really think the OP is an Attention Seeker posting stuff like this during situations like this. +84 -11

3. You can tell the OP is an Attention Seeker. ARMYs on PANN aren't crazy to post things like this during times like thisㅠㅠ +30 -4

4. This OP always writes posts with random preview photos of Kim Seokjin ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ there's this unique way of speaking in this OP.. I don't know if the OP is foreigner but.. I hope you stop doing this ㅜ why would you do this Jin +23 -6

5. Please delete this post. Seriously I don't care if you're a fan or an Attention Seeker +20 -0

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