[PANN] 161026 I think I know why BTS is hated

I'm not ARMY but I just like BTS
I buy their albums too ㅋㅋ
It just crossed my mind that they have many anti fans
And I think it's because the antis are guilty
Many of BTS's songs talk about how they try their best to live their lives, right? And some of their songs kind of disses about people who don't make effort
Don't you think the antis hate them because they're the ones who aren't making effort to improve their lives?
Like they're annoyed with BTS because whatever they say is true ㅋㅋㅋ
That's very pathetic...

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Response +225 -315

1. I honestly hope some of you who think it's logical to slander BTS as if that is similar to attacking ARMYs to reflect on your behavior... It's okay for you to critize ARMYs if they had done something wrong but I don't get why you have to leave harsh malcious comments directing BTS. And the ones who dislike this post, I don't see you guys reflecting.. You even say things like they're different on and off camera.. +147 -7

2. Agust D say: How is it my fault that your life's going nowhere? +130 -4

3. So the ones who disliked this post are the ones who slandered BTS? I think the OP was talking about the antis and I don't know why you guys are feeling so guilty... +118 -0

4. This is so true. If you feel guilty, it's your own problem. +42 -0

"Idol who disses about another idol"
Suga: It wasn't a diss made to diss anyone. I didn't critize about any specific person, I was rather expressing my confidence. If someone feels guilty after listening to it, they're the ones with the problem.

5. I'm asking this because I'm very curious. It was absolutely wrong for ARMYs to slander others but if some fans from other fandoms make personal attacks to BTS, how is that different from what ARMYs did? +42 -0

6. It's hilarious to see how some people slander BTS just because of some immature ARMYs ㅋ What did BTS do to deserve the hate? +31 -1

7. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ right now this is the place where they award the people who excel at slandering BTS so  you shouldn't write posts like this over here. They'll curse at you and dislike your post +23 -0

8. I like how their lyrics are becoming blunter. You can tell they're directly attacking back when you listen to their official fansong and am i wrong was really frank. Agust D-nim does it too and it's so f***ing cool +19 -0

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