[PANN] 161027 Listen to my words Coordi, don't make Jungkook tuck his shirt in

Let it out....
I think I can't speak anymore
I can't do anything oh crap

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Response +63

1. Singing muscle rabbit, sexy manggaet rice cake, handsome 4D, clumsy with sexy brains, kind (dance) captain, stylish sugar, chef car door guy, I fall in love with them even today ♡♡ +13 -0

2. Jungkook is too perfect... to the point I think he's selfish. He's handsome, pretty, sexy and he does it all by himself. I hope he stops turning so handsome... +12 +0

3. Today His untucked shirt in MCountdown + Jeju's wind + Jeon Jungkook completed the show... +1 -0

4. ah seriously he makes me so dizzy;; 

5. He's cooltiful 

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